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Overseas Education

Confluence is your one-stop solution in Cochin for advice on overseas education. Our experts advise you about all aspects of global education and help you make the right decision about your future. We don’t just show you the pathway, but help you move ahead on it as well. We create an interface between the academic programs and the industry-specific needs.

We provide students an opportunity to deal directly with educational programme coordinators of the university. It enable them clarify all their doubts, whether the programme content, admission procedure or schedule of admissions. We encourage students to come along with their parents as it helps in sound decision making to study abroad.

Confluence | The Education Consultants

We help students choose educational programmes that offer bright job prospects. When you work with Confluence, you can be assured getting high paid jobs, right after completion of the programme. We enable you swim over the tide.

In case you prefer doing a part-time job to meet your needs, we’ll advise how you can land a job in foreign land. It is not easy and will need some professional assistance for that. We’ll help you with visa as well. We provide students with pre and post departure briefing.

Contact us at our Cochin office for more information on overseas education.

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