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At Confluence, it is our responsibility to make sure our counselors reach up to the set expectations of every student, the parents and the organization itself. An education counselor is a multifaceted person, and often plays several roles for the betterment of the students who are aspiring for higher studies abroad. Below are the various roles performed by an education counselor?


An education counselor must be a teacher at first. He or she should have thorough knowledge and information about the wide range of courses that are being offered by the universities across the world, and must educate the students accordingly.

Academic Planner

Often, students may not have the required information regarding Planning for their overseas education. This is when an education counselor must step in and help the students by chalking out the perfect academic planning based on the program chosen by the student, and the university admission periods.

Guide and Resource Person Counselor

An education counselor is the chief resource person that students rely upon during their admission process for their higher studies abroad. Since the students are not aware of the .various aspects of the admission process and other important processes like preparing for tests like IELTS, GRE, GMAT …, the counselor must guide the students in right direction.


An education counselor is the person whom the overseas aspiring students trust and rely upon completely. Hence the responsibility increases multifold and the counselor must move along with the students as their friend, earn their confidence and finally guide them in the right direction during the process of their admission.


The education counselor often acts as a bridge between the students, consultancy, teachers and also the universities. A counselor must communicate efficiently in various matters relating to a student’s admission and make sure that the entire process is carried out smoothly.


An education counselor must often act as a strict administrator to get the job done quickly. There are several tricky stages in the process of a student’s admission. With expertise, they must oversee that all the required work has been done on time and efficiently, leaving no chance for last minute hiccups.

Financial Planner

Students may often be unaware of the financial aspects towards their education, be it loans, course fee, hostel fee, visa fee, fares and or other expenses. The education counselor should be the one to guide through the rough patch.

Travel Planner

With all the experience, an education counselor must cautiously guide the overseas aspirants about their travel planning. This includes assistance in procuring various documents needed for the visa application, interview, flight tickets and fares, pre departure and post arrival. An education counselor must foresee the various impending snag that a student might face during travel.


The overseas education consultants are the masters for support services for each student in pursuing their dreams and a careful observer of the students’ proceedings and developments throughout their application and admission process.