What we do

Step One



It is important that students apply to the universities

where they will flourish and make the right fit. Our team

of experienced counselors can help you shortlist your perfect university list, based on a comprehensive

personal assessment. 

Step Two



From collating documents and forms, to helping with

test preparation, Confluence will help you achieve your educational dreams, through a full-fledged college admissions prep framework. We cover documentation,

test prep, essay reviews and interview preparation

as well. 


Step Three



Once decisions release, students can sit with our counsellors and review strategies for any waitlist decisions. Choosing the right school is an important decision, and we will help you make the right choice for you.

Step Four



Our team of expert advisors will be able to guide you through the visa application procedure. Submitting the right documentation and understanding how to approach the interview can guarantee a visa approval. 

Step Five

Get Ready 

To Fly

Acceptance and visa in hand, students can now learn basic travel information and school information from our team. Local transit options, food, student community and maybe Confluence alumni of the school, can help them fly.



Students Say

I got to know Confluence through my friend. Confluence is one of the best consultancies in Hyderabad, Mr. Yadava Reddy Gaddam helped me a lot in getting my admission and visa process to Australia… Thank you Confluence


Bhargavi Reddy

My Canada Visa was approved. All thanks to Sai Charan who was helpful throughout the whole process and was available 24*7 whenever i had any doubts!! He is one of the best counselor one can get, I would highly recommend confluence and charan if you are looking for your process to be done!!!


Ameer Salman

Confluence is one of the best consultancies in Hyderabad, Mr. Charan helped me a lot in getting my admission and visa process to Canada. Literally, I troubled him by asking many silly doubts, even though with a lot of patience he cleared all my doubts. Overall, I am happy and flying to craft my goal. Thank you Confluence.


Nithya Mittapally

One of my friends suggested me Confluence and I was thrilled with the ease of Visa processing they do here. Especially Yadav Reddy who was there from day 1 and coordinated throughout this consultancy for studying abroad.


Rajesh Mudakala