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why study in canada - 3 Major Factors that make you decide to study in Canada

3 Major Factors that make you decide to study in Canada

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Canada is one of the world’s leading educational destinations and it is not without reason. Following are some of the reasons behind why studying in Canada is an unparalleled experience.

  1. Quality of Education
  1. Academic Strength

Canada spends on the highest amounts on education per capita, and tops this list according to various surveys. As a consequence, their universities and colleges are world renowned and include some of the best institutions in the world. Universities in Canada follow a rigorous curriculum that has high academic standards so a student studying here is naturally going to not just be learning from the best people, but is also going to be in such an environment. Consequently, their understanding is going to be much deeper than that of the average student elsewhere. There is also a great thrust on research and innovation in Canadian Universities and this gives a great opportunity to students.

  1. Campus Lifestyle

The campus lifestyles in Canada offer the students a great opportunity to excel in non academic fields as well, or students could choose to just pursue their hobbies out of interest. From Olympic quality sports facilities to public concert halls, Canadian Universities leave the students spoilt for choice when it comes to an exciting campus lifestyle.

  1. Value of a Canadian degree

A degree from a Canadian university is value all around the globe and is considered to be equivalent to one from the US, for instance. This ensures that employment or graduate school opportunities are not restricted to just Canada, but also the rest of the world.


  1. Cost of Education

While the quality of education in Canada is top notch, the cost of education is significantly lower than some other comparable places, like the US. Scholarships are also easily available to international students and this is a common means of funding. Some of them include:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program
  • University of Calgary Graduate Studies Award

Furthermore, the Government also provides a database of country based scholarships to it’s international students.

  1. Multicultural Exposure

Canada has an official policy to promote a multicultural society and this is in tandem with their aim to double the number of international students in the country by 2022. Thus, people are valued regardless of race, ethnicity, language or religion and this provides a harmonious society to be a part of. This also ensures that the student will thus be able to interact and work with people from different backgrounds, a skill that is increasingly valued not just in the corporate world, but also something that’s becoming important in life. Canada is also one of the safest and most attractive countries in the world.

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