Expand your offerings beyond exam preparation to also include college and career planning which will greatly help in increasing student enrollment.

In India, the student community is always interested in coaching centres and thus, this forms an active space in the education sector. However, we are now noticing a trend where coaching centres largely centre around a few exams or purposes and thus, there is a stagnation in their growth. Looking at this sphere from a new stand point can give them the much needed edge in marketing and saleability and this is how Confluence can help them.

What does Confluencebring to the table?

Confluence is an educational consultancy and we have a uniquely developed partnership program with coaching centres where we will be able to help their students to achieve their academic and educational goals outside of what the coaching centre offers, thus bringing the important gap between college and career planning and exams.

BenefitsOf the Program

A coaching centre that offers exam preparation is quite common but one that offers not just exam preparation but also for college and career planning and beyond is something that the student community is desperately on the lookout for. This is exactly what we offer to interested coaching centres. Thus, students get two pronged benefits through this program, the coaching centre gets more student enrolment and Confluence gets to form enriching educational partnerships. This will lead to an increase in enrolment, visibility, engagement for the institute and can set up multiple revenue sources.

Where can we find more information about this program?

We have a separate questionnaire for interested coaching centres which has been made from an institute viewpoint. Through this questionnaire we hope to analyse and understand the specific needs of the institution and help come up with a solution through this program.

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