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education in uk - Introduction |Education in UK

Introduction |Education in UK

Education in UK is of prime importance to most aspirants. While studying abroad you not only have the opportunity to study but in addition you get an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and countries giving you an overall development, more so if you opt to studys in UK

United Kingdom (UK) comprises of 4 countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


  • Scotland

More than 40,000 international students from almost 180 countries choose to study in Scotland. Apart from having a world-class education system, Scotland also has renowned universities and a reputation for producing creative thinkers. The curriculum in Scotland is not set by law; hence placing responsibility on local authorities and schools makes study in Scotland a worthwhile experience.

  • England

For education in UK, look no further than England which has a reputation for welcoming international students and keep in touch with them even after they have left. England associates itself with not just tea, royalty, Shakespeare and Jane Austen but has a reputation of hosting more international students than USA! With its growing popularity, it’s not just Oxford and Cambridge but England boasts of over 3000 other universities making study in England a one of a kind experience.

  • Wales

Education in UK has become extremely popular with over 430,000 international students opting for UK. Very few number of countries are as mystique and beautiful as Wales. With over 400 castles in Wales, there is an ample amount of opportunity to learn about different cultures and meet extremely friendly people. Study in Wales not only promises a unique cultural experience but also an integrated study experience.

  • Northern Ireland

Study in Ireland has been gaining popularity among students who aspire to study in UK for quite some time now. Apart from Queens University and University of Belfast there are a number of smaller universities specializing in specific subjects.


Higher education in UK is extremely popular among international students. There are three main levels of courses you can select from.

  • Postgraduate courses leading to higher degrees, diplomas and certificates which usually require a first degree as an entry qualification.
  • Undergraduate courses which include first degrees, first degrees with qualified teacher status, enhanced first degrees, and first degrees obtained concurrently with a diploma and intercalated first degrees.
  • Other undergraduate course includes all other higher education courses.