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mba in uk - Getting an MBA in UK

Getting an MBA in UK

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Whether you’re a graduate looking to progress, or even kick-start your career in business, getting an MBA in UK could be the boost you require. The United Kingdom is home to some of the most prestigious top-ranked MBA programs and Business Schools in UK. The majority of universities, business schools and colleges offering MBA programs are based in London. The prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge lead the way, but there are many smaller schools with quality programs for those seeking to excel in the global business community.

One great advantage of most Business schools in the UK to many international students is that they accept a three-year bachelor’s degree. And an MBA can be earned in one year instead of the two years required at most schools in the United States. Another advantage of getting an MBA in UK is that most do not require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) with definite exceptions are London Business School or Manchester Business School.


Committing to an MBA is a huge, life-changing decision and finally getting an MBA in UK is definitely in transition point of you life.

  • You’ll need to have an undergraduate degree before getting an MBA in UK. This does not necessarily have to be in a business related subject.
  • Your MBA application may require you to complete as many as three admissions essays. Essays may be in the style of a personal statement, or the business school may ask you to respond to a specific statement
  • MBA applicants must take the GMAT and submit their score as part of the application process.

The GMAT is a test designed by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, often used by business schools as an admissions criterion for graduate management programmes.

Most schools now accept a Graduate Records Examination (GRE) score in lieu of a GMAT score. The GRE contains more of a focus on definitions and vocabulary as oppose to the GMAT’s emphasis on logic and reason.

An MBA in UK is far more than just an expensive MSc/MA but is designed to allow existing managers, civil servants, engineers, scientists and education professionals put their experience back into a management theory and context. This means that fellow students can share their experiences while getting to grips with the latest management theory with highly regarded academic staff. Many business Schools in UK have dedicated MBA suites with base rooms, seminar halls, and cafés and breakout areas – to encourage a collegiate atmosphere.


Business Schools in UKand the Government offer an extensive range of scholarships and bursaries for the international students. It is open for all the prospective students pursuing full-time study program irrespective of any stream, at most levels. There are various sources of financial aid for international students that provide great opportunity to pursue your education in UK. Students in UK will be offered scholarships from the respective universities as deduction in their tuition fee. Other than this, students will be awarded other forms of aid/scholarships based on their academic excellence and background. These scholarship programmes and other funding will be managed by the British Council and other associated organizations. Apart from University support, there are also relatively some public and private scholarships programmes, which intend to provide financial support for the international students. Getting an MBA in UK is worth the money and effort you put in.

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