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Education NGO for all

Education is undoubtedly one of the most important sectors in any country. The quality of education a country provides decides the social, political and economic growth of the country more than any other single factor, in the long term. It is also no secret that the Indian education system needs a lot of reform and a lot of helping hands. Fortunately, we have a number of Non Governmental Organisations and Agencies that are actively working to improve this state of affairs and in fact, are instrumental in education for people in some rural, sub urban and urban areas.

What does Confluence bring to the table?

If you are an NGO that is working in the education sphere then we have an exciting opportunity for you. We are a team of expert educational consultants and counsellors and have over a decade of experience working with parents, teachers and students. We bring to you a partnership program through which we can help provide services to the clients of the partner NGO. We will help students decide on streams in high school, interests and goals, educational finance planning, and general counselling. For older students we can also help with college research, planning higher studies and career guidance.

What are the benefits of this program?

  1. Offers the partner NGO a unique opportunity to help students in ways not commonly seen, such as educational and career guidance
  2.  Creates dialogue and awareness at the grassroots level working space in terms of educational institutions, funding options and employability
  3.  We will be able to complement the stellar work of the partner NGO in helping students with greater clarity regarding their educational decisions
  4.  Gives the partner NGO greater visibility and a larger reach

Where can we find more information about this program?

We understand that different organisations have different capacities, visions and workloads. This also means that they face different sets of challenges. Thus, we have a stylised one on one approach where we engage with the specific problems and goals of a partner institution and collaborate with them towards this end. We have a special questionnaire prepared in this regard and we urge you to fill out the same. Please refer our Contact US page to contact us directly.

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