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  • Why Study in UK?

United Kingdom has a very flexible education system. You can chose the way you want to study which suits your lifestyle and also helps you to meet your career aspiration. It is a welcoming, diverse and popular destination for international students. Also the fact that the UK universities rank among the best in the world and their degrees are highly valued in international markets. UK is an interesting place to live filled with people of different culture with whom you interact and develop a vivid and dynamic personality.

  • Admission process for UK

The admission process for the UK universities both for undergraduate (ug) and postgraduate (pg) courses is operated by the ‘University and College Admission Services’ (UCAS). The main role of UCAS is to operate the application process for the British Universities. It is an independent charity. There are over 300 institutions that are listed on the UCAS website. There are other few requirements that needs to be fulfilled. For example: A minimum score of 7.0(for pg.) and 6.5(for ug) in IELTS. All these can be found on our website or you can contact our office for more details.

  • Education System in UK

The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts: primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education.  It offers inspiring teachers, world class research environment. It usually takes around 3 years for a student in the United Kingdom to complete the undergraduate degree. Undergraduate courses let the students to develop themselves in all rounds of life. Though British education is heavily focused on developing writing and analytical skills.

  • Visa Processing for UK

The process of getting the Visa for UK is one of the simplest one would ever come across with. But this also means that there is a huge competition of applicants therefore your application needs to be picture perfect, without a speck of mistake. It requires a certain set of standard documents and preparations. There is no complications for getting your documents cleared or what you are supposed to do except the fact that you must possess the relevant knowledge of what you are planning to do in UK beforehand.

  • Cost of living in UK

The cost of living in the United Kingdom depends upon numerous factors. The fact that the exchange rates are really high between India and UK is usually a reason of worry among the students planning to study there. But what needs to highlighted is the fact that UK is one of those rare places that provides the finest of the services to the students.  You might find rates hiked up there but you would also see that provide services for that.

  • Getting Employed in UK

To get employed in UK is not a cakewalk but, one can definitely clinch an opportunity if the possess the right set of skills combined with a certain level of intelligence and an open mind that accepts challenges. If you are in the right field of education and during your course of study establish the right network then it should make it easy for you to get a job. There are many Indian communities who will be willing to help and in addition there will be career fairs held time to time giving you not an interview but a chance to meet the right people from the industry.


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