Movie Courses Abroad Overseas Canada Italy UK

Movie Courses Abroad Overseas Canada Italy UK

Film directing just a birds eye view

Film directing is a complex art form that requires creative vision and technical knowledge. 

Becoming a film director is a dream for many people. If you’re ready and willing to put in the time, have creative vision and an impressive ability to make something out of nothing, then becoming a film director might be the perfect job for you. Just keep in mind that film directing jobs are highly competitive and it may take years or even decades to accomplish your goal. However, if this is your dream, then you should go for it!

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How does the film director turn an idea into a scene and a scene into a story? 

Script is the foundation for a movie

The director’s essential skills: 
  • developing scripts,
  • casting and working with actors,
  • sound recording,
  • shooting and editing. 
  • Engagement with film equipment

But success formula is focusing on the steps it takes to develop and produce a compelling and meaningful story.

The first focus is on introducing the different elements which are at play in a movie, as well as terms and technical concepts used in filmmaking.

  • What is a drama?
  • How do you enhance a perspective?
  • What is the difference between a character or narrative driven storyline?
  • What difference do frame, camera position and lenses make?
  • How do you enhance a dramatic action through the camera?
  • How do you move the camera?
  • How do you photograph a person? and How do you film her?


  • How do you read a scene?
  • Directing Actors Step by Step
  • How to you address an actor?
  • Making choices
  • Blocking a scene for the camera


  • Simple technique of editing.
  • When do you make a cut? And why?
  • How do we reconstruct a scene in the editing room?


Just because only say ‘Action’ doesn’t mean director have to do anything, But he needs to look into:

  • Casting,
  • Dialogue and Actors.
  • Main character and supporting character.
  • Casting against the character.
  • The role of movie stars.
  • Acting concepts.

The Directors Homework

  • How do you organize your shoot?
  • How do you prepare it?
  • How do you deal with limitations?
  • Why is your problem your friend?

Film directing – Is it not mad to go after then


1. SAIT—Diploma In Film and Video Productions–2 Year Program

2. Confederation College— Film Productions-2 Years Diploma

3. Centennial College—Diploma Boradcasting, Radio,Television Film & Digital


NABA: Digital Production BSc


1.De Montford University–

BSc Media Production

2. University of Bedfordshire—

BA Film Production and BA Film and Television Production

Digital Film Technologies and Production  MSc

3. Middlesex University—-BA Film

4. University of Brighton—

BA Hons Film and Screen Studies

5. University College Birmingham–

Prosthetics for Film and Television MA

6. University of Chester–

Film Studies (Combined) BA Combined

7. University of Hertfordshire—

 BA (Hons) Visual Effects for Film and Television

MA Film and Television Production

8. Bangor University—

 Film Studies BA (Hons)

Filmmaking: Concept to Screen MA

9. University of South Wales—

BA (Hons) Film

MA Film (Visual Effects)

MA Film (Production Management)

10 Anglia Ruskin University–

Film and Television Production – BA (Hons)

Film and Television Production – MA

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