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Phd in germany - Free PhD in Germany

Free PhD in Germany

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If you wish to experience the best of academics and industry a Ph.D. in Germany is the way for you. Germany has a colorful history and a vivid culture which makes it a receptive and as an industrially developed nation with ample number of German scholarship for Indian students it is ideal for research work. The German research qualifications are respected worldwide and the ‘Free PhD in Germany’ and unique ‘structured German PhD Programmes’ factors make the journey for any student worth the effort.
A Ph.D. in Germany will not only give your career a boost but the experience in itself is guaranteed to be enriching. Students have various programs to search from and the interdisciplinary nature of studies in Germany ensures that most interest topics are covered. Besides, the large network of libraries and research experts make Germany an ideal place for research.

Free Ph.D. in Germany

Finance plays a big part in the feasibility of any long-term course and students can be expected to spend a couple of years for their Ph.D. There is good news for such students becausePh.D. in Germany is free in its element. That is to say students are not charged any tuition fees but have to give a semester contribution of 100-200 Euros per year. Besides students have to pay their tuition fees only when they complete 6 semesters in Germany and considering the availability of part time jobs and paid internships students can share a major load in covering their fees. This is a big boon for many students since at a later stage during their stay they can cover the whole costs by themselves, and let’s not forget the options for scholarships which may even cover their living expenses. So yes students can literally have a free Ph.D. in Germany.

Ph.D. programmes in Germany

Ph.D. in Germany is a universe in itself. With a closely connected network of libraries and doctoral members research is conducted in a well knit community in Germany. Students have 2 types of Ph.D.’s to pursue in Germany. One is the normal individual way where you decide the university, guide and subject and work on it with your own time frame and thesis to complete. The second is the up and coming Structured Ph.D. program.
Structured German Ph.D. Programmes involve research on specialized topics by doctoral candidate groups while being guided by groups who have specialized in the field. It is a very exciting opportunity to interact with the research community of another country and the stress is on presentation and communication skills. This Ph.D. has been designed keeping in mind the English speaking country standard of Ph.D. and students can expect more familiarity with its structure.
Since both types of Ph.D. are covered in the free education program and ample scholarships are available, students are left to manage the living costs and select the research topic carefully. Guides and research material are available to a candidate more openly than in any other country and candidates have the option to work with companies on their Ph.D. thesis. The German experience of research is very learning oriented and will provide students with ample opportunities to progress. Thus a Ph.D. in Germany will benefit students a lot more than they expect.

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