Become a volunteer By Nidhi

Become a Volunteer 

Volunteering is a great opportunity to gain experience in another field. Employers appreciate candidates who engage in activities outside of their field of study and explore new interests. Not only will you gain a new set of skills and learn to work in a new work environment, however, you will also enjoy the benefits of being rewarded for your work. 

Why should you volunteer?

1. Gain experience in a new field 

Volunteering is one of the most satisfying jobs, in which you will be able to help others thrive positively. Gaining experience in a new area of knowledge will allow you to help others in the future and greatly improve your communication skills. Additionally, you will be able to aid others based on their circumstances.

2. Learn new skills to improve future employability 

Being a volunteer requires patience, good listening skills, being knowledgeable, and being observant of your students. These skills are great to gain and will be applicable to future situations you may find yourself in. 

3. Learn how to become organised 

Organisation is one of the key aspects of being a volunteer. It is important that one is organized during their job, as to not make any mistakes. Therefore, making sure one is aware and up to date on their duties and tasks as a volunteer is essential.

Enhances your profile

For career work or study abroad or further studies, the volunteer experiences enhances your profile, makes you more confident to face life upfront.

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