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Master in Business Innovation (MBI) at EBS, Germany

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Thinking about pursuing Master in Business Innovation at EBS?

A Masters in Germany with a specialization in Master in Business Innovation. The Master in Business with a specialization in Wealth Management at EBS University. This program would create a Professional accompanying business and constantly trying to innovate in every field of management. The course is based to teach the participants with both theoretical and  research practice-oriented profile. That would be a dream combination for Masters in Germany.

With its wide spectrum of programmes EBS University is setting new standards on the market for continuing professional education. The “Master in Business Innovation” (MBI) is yet another programme to meet the high expectations of EBS Executive Education.

In this programme,  Master in Business Innovation you gain an understanding of how important continuous innovation processes are for companies and how new products and services can be developed and brought to the market.

The MBI addresses all important aspects related to the topic of innovation, and was the first programme of its kind in German-speaking countries. The study programme caters to the precise needs of companies who either regard themselves as a leader in innovation or are on the way to becoming one.

Responsibility for the academic direction of the MBI programme lies with the newly founded Institute for Transformation in Business and Society.


Master in Wealth Management, a dream for anybody for a Masters in Germany, in the right program would be a launchpad for your career.

This Master in Business Innovation, program is taking the idea of ​​life and career cycle accompanying training concept and the students move against the background of increasing demands and changes in the professional world in a position to own constantly to recognize professional practice problems to work out solutions through applied scientific methods and tools this successfully applied in companies and institutions and responsibly implement.

Admission Guidance for Germany, given by consultants in Confluence.

Sharpen your skills in the fields from Stock markets to policy making to regulation, law, economy, best practice, portfolio management, corporate finance, Finance etc.

Reach out to pursue your Masters in Germany, especially in Master in Business Innovation, to get the best in you in Real Estate investment and Finance.

EBS has much more to offer than just a Masters in Germany

The Master in Wealth Management at EBS Business School is dedicated to provide you with a maximum offering of subjects and to be industry-facing including case studies from the practice, field trips in cooperation with world-leading wealth management companies and a direct interface to practitioners that enables you to found the basis for your future career.

It is especially suitable for those graduates with a non-related background degree who intend to develop not only general leadership and management skills but also a broad expertise in the  sector.

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Admission Guidance for Germany

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