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Master of Arts Communication Design in Italy – Italy Education Consultants India

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Master of Arts Communication Design in Italy asks for Italy education consultants India and for Study in Italy.

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“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But ofcourse, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works”

– Steve Jobs

If you have an aptitude for design and creativity along with the will to make it work through Communication Design, then Confluence is the right consultancy for you to guide you in your endeavors to reach the best college and shoot your career to the glory of stars !

Master of Arts Communication Design

If you are looking for Master of Arts Communication Designs then what could be better than Study in Italy which is the land of high standard education? The Italy Education Consultants India guides the students accordingly and provides the required assistance in choosing the right university and to opt for the right course. The aspirants will be guided based on their personal interest and the budget is also considered while choosing the university. The consultants being experienced in their field never fails to provide unbiased expert opinion.

Study in Italy – Why NABA?

The education system in NABA is designed especially for international students who wish to complete a portion of their education by studying in Milan. By enrolling in NABA for a semester, the students have the opportunity to supplement their classroom sessions and studio workshops with several visits to Milanese design firms and studios as well as fashion showrooms and fashion fairs.

Modules for 1st year course

  • Project Management
  • Computer Graphics
  • Project Methodology
  • Design Management
  • Integrated Marketing communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Ethics of Communication
  • Photography
  • Web Design

Modules for 2nd year course

  • Project Management II
  • Brand Design
  • Art Direction
  • Advertising
  • Sociology of communication
  • Digital Video,
  • Integrated New Media
  • Fundamentals of Journalism

The course provides the following

The program provides students with the tools they need to consciously and independently undertake all phases of complex communication projects, while alerting them to the implications of their work.


Fee structure in NABA

For the high standard of education that NABA provides and for them tons of job opportunities that come in search of graduates certified by NABA, any fee that must be paid is definitely worth it. NABA provides quality education and all the required exposure at the cost of 6,900 Euros only which leaves the students with no reason to give the idea of pursuing in NABA a second thought.

Confluence is the leading Italy Education Consultants India that provides the best guidance

Opting for Master of Arts Communication Design in Italy is a great choice as the NABA University provides quality education for affordable price. The students that are certified by the NABA University in Italy are much preferred when compared to students certified by Universities in other countries. Italy Education Consultants India guides the students towards their interest. The trained and efficient trainers never fail to provide unbiased expert opinion which is an optimal one to follow. Study in Italy is the right option as it provides you with a varied selection of courses and disciplines, international students in Italy can take advantage of all this country has to offer, while pursuing credits in their designated field of interest.



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