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MSc Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems in France

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MSc Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems in France

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France Education Consultants in India offer you to study MSc Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems in France with their flawless admission Guidance. This programme is designed to help participants develop an in-depth understanding of audit, management control and information systems, and of the different ways it contributes to competitive advantage and to the wealth and advancement of society. The MSc provides students with a range of knowledge, tools and skills and the ability to use them in a variety of operational & entrepreneurial situations in order to become responsible managers and contribute to sustainable development.

Upgrade your skills and get ready for the future opportunities

Students develop the ability to think analytically in order to successfully apply their knowledge and technical expertise to the solution of real business problems. The programme supports and encourages students to develop their individual managerial and research capabilities in order to become key actors of change for their companies, profession and the global business environment. It develops the attitudes and skills relevant to these careers Specialise students’ skills based on desired career paths using action-training and individualized seminars.
The extreme needs and wonderful objectives of the course
Preparation for the main national or international professional certifications in the fields of audit and management control. Lectures are delivered mainly by international experts. Immediate practical application of knowledge, tools and skills due to the educational rhythm alternating one or two weeks of seminars per month and three weeks in a company – for Paris. Three days of seminars every fortnight, and the rest of the time in a company – for Lille. Links with professional bodies and research organisations, at national and international level (IFACI, DFCG, CIMA…) Prepare and develop technical and human skills for professional auditing, management control and information systems.

Application process for SKEMA Business School- Admission Guidance for France

For MSc Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems in France, applications are open to all students who are currently doing, or already hold, a degree in higher education abroad (equivalent to at least a bachelor’s degree). Candidates must be under 30 years old when applying. There are two routes to the Master in Management Grande Ecole programme. They are mutually exclusive of each other. If you are applying for direct entry, you can not enter via the SAI process (and vice versa). France Education consultants will help you to apply for SKEMA Business School, that is done online. Written test scores (TAGE MAGE or GMAT or GRE), For TAGE MAGE takers only: English language proficiency test score report (TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS) are required. There are more ways to apply for which you should take admission guidance for France from Our Consultants.

France Education consultants in India

Confluence Consultants provide full assistance regarding the  Admission Guidance for France institutions and  would help to make your dream come true to study MSc Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems in France.

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