Student accommodation in Germany

Admission done. Visa done. The next step is finding a suitable accommodation. Unlike many other countries, accommodation is not provided along with enrolment at most German universities. However, the international office at many of these universities will be helpful in pointing you towards the right direction for finding a place to stay. This is the reason why we at Confluence advice our students to start looking out and applying for accommodation as soon as possible.

There are different types of accommodation available for students in Germany. Your choices will depend on the city you will be living in, distance from your university, and how much you are willing to spend per month on rent.

  • Student residences

This is the most affordable option students will find in many of the cities. Due to their low rent, these are usually in high demand, which means you will have to apply well in advance to get a room at one of these residences. Rent typically depends on the furnishing provided and size of the room.

  • Private/ shared apartment

Another preferred option for those students who would rather live alone or with other roommates, is renting an apartment. In case of a shared apartment, students have their own bedroom and the kitchen, bathroom and living room if present are for common use. Rent, electricity and internet bill are shared among themselves. For a private apartment, the rent is usually higher and depending on the availability and your preferences you could even look out for a studio apartment.

Many of the universities and student unions are willing to provide you temporary accommodation just in case you are unable to find one before you reach Germany. However we advice our students to find a place to stay before they leave from India itself.

We at Confluence can make this process easier for you by guiding you every step of the way, right from looking up on websites to helping you send out emails to possible landlords. So without much delay, get in touch with us to let us help you make your journey to study in Germany easier.


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