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PhD in France

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Ph.D. in France

There are over 1200 research laboratories which are the best amongst the world and the program, Ph.D. in France is about 3-4 years in duration where the candidates are considered as early career researchers but not as students. With around 300 doctoral schools with the collaboration of research institutes, the main aims of doctoral schools are to ensure that students have a support structure for professional development, career planning, and preparation to enter the academic, research or alternative career labor market which along with the numerous Scholarships for Ph.D. in France, makes the education world class and effective.

There are several public universities providing Ph.D. programs in France and their number is exceedingly the number of private universities, it is clearly understood that the education is affordable and in case, one pursues education in a public university the burden reduces to a great level as the government bears a major part of the expenditure, about €10,000 per student per year. With the cost being as low as €183 for Bachelor programs, €254 for Master’s programs and €388 for Ph.D. programs, it draws the attention of thousands of students in India to study and achieve valuable degrees. The contribution towards the Doctoral or Ph.D. in France is huge and its support and encouragement to the international students to pursue such programs is also commendable.

Scholarships for Ph.D. in France

Any country’s dedication towards education is measured from its interest towards research and France occupies the top most places in the world as it provides a great help in the form of Scholarships for Ph.D. in France through research internship program, exchange program, master’s program and also monthly stipends for daily expenses. There are several incentives and scholarships, France provides the Indian as well as International students for assistance in finding affordable accommodation through several scholarships like Charpak scholarship program, Eiffel scholarship program and countless worthy programs. Highly effective, useful and supportive scholarships are given for students which are provided by various administrations, organizations and programs like the CROUS bursaries provide Scholarship for accommodation and living costs which are need-based and are around €750, Eiffel scholarship program awards prestigious awards based on excellence and with an aim to attract international students it awards the selected students a monthly allowance of €1,180, Francophone University Association offers scholarships to selected students and many such programs and associations which contribute to the copious Scholarships for Ph.D. in France.

About 40% of the students being international, Ph.D. programs in France are open to all nationalities who obtained a Master’s degree and the overall fees being quite low, attract students from India to pursue Ph.D. programs. It has special scholarship programs for Indian students, through various alliances in India, scholarships granted by the embassy of France in India, by Indo French Consortium of Universities (IFCU), by Companies and the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs ( MAEE/enterprise co-financed scholarships), IDF scholarship programs, and many other the provide assistance for Indian meritorious students which make the Scholarships for PhD in France quite noteworthy.

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