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Study in ESC Bretagne Brest

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Confluence France education consultants would recommend you to Study in ESC Bretagne Brest with Admission and visa Guidance to take advantage of programs which are perfect to the global economic environment. Bretagne Brest would be the key to gain Knowledge that makes the difference and allow students to expand the boundaries of innovation. Bretagne Brest student’s success in a world of opportunities lies at the core of development strategy.

France Admission and visa Guidance from Confluence

France admission with Visa guidance from Confluence would make you anxiety free when applying to ESC Bretagne Brest as admission procedure is different for France from other countries. The application interview is the last step of the admissions process; this interview aims to understand your reasons for applying, your career goals and your openness to the world today.

Why ESC Bretagne Brest ?

École Supérieure de Commerce Bretagne Brest (ESC Bretagne Brest), also called The Graduate school of Management of Brittany, France, is a French business School in the city of Brest in northwestern France. ESC Bretagne Brest, founded in 1962, provides business and management courses to 900 students. The school proposes 15 different programs. ESC Bretagne Brest faculty offer their students a high level education adapted to today’s professional realities.

ESC Bretagne Brest – Area of expertise

Management science, economy, law, finance, strategy, management, intercultural management, marketing, sales, cultural activities, foods products industry, transport, logistics, management control, accountancy, human resource management, career guidance, and personal development.

Courses offered

Bachelor in Management (entirely taught in French AND in English)

Duration: 3 years. The programme is open to students having obtained their GCE A-Level (General Certificate of Education A Level) or equivalent. Good level of French or English is required.

Cost: €5500 / year.

Master in International Business (Entirely taught in English)

Duration: 1 Year, the course consists of ten modules (6 credits each) and a master thesis or a research dissertation (30 credits).

Cost: €8400 / year

Master in Management (Entirely taught in English)

Cost: €6400 / year

Requirements for Admission

  1. a) Graduates with a Bachelor degree and having less than 3 years of professional experience in management will have two years MBA. A very good level of English is required.
  2. b) Graduates with a Bachelor degree and having more than 3 years of professional experience in management will have a one year MBA. A very good level of English is required.

Confluence France education consultants recommend ESC Bretagne Brest

Confluence as France education consultants would counsel you to study in ESC Bretagne Brest as their graduates you can explore and expand boundaries of knowledge and innovation. You would be at ease in working environments that are multi-cultural and socially diverse. France Admission and visa Guidance would be the key to become part of that which constructs your career in today world.

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Study in ESC Bretagne Brest

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