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Study in EBS University

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1. Study in EBS University

Study in EBS University as German admission consultant Confluence would make way with Germany Admission Process Guidance to fulfill your dream to Study in EBS University. As EBS focus of education is on personality development apart from their studies in business, economics and management, students has the option to participate in a “studium universal” that teaches important concepts of philosophy and ethics.

  1. Germany Admission Process Guidance from Confluence

With Confluence at your side to be accepted in programs at EBS would be a cake walk with Germany Admission Process Guidance. The requirements

  • Academic qualification with first class or more
  • TOEFL or IELTS tests with 6.0 or Band
  • Online application
  • Proficiency tests in mathematics and reasoning
  • Personal interview
  1. EBS offers the following programs:

  • In Bachelor’s
    • Bachelor in General Management
    • Bachelor in General Management International Business Studies
    • Bachelor in General Management Aviation Studies
  • In Master’s
    • Master in Automotive Management
    • Master in Finance
    • Master in Management
    • Master in Real Estate
  1. EBS campus according to your preference

Consequent expansion of study programs will lead to further development currently EBS campuses are spread across these locations

  • Wiesbaden Campus
    • Main Campus                       –    Law School
    • Konrad-Adenauer-Ring       –    SCM&IS
  • Rheingau Campus
    • Rheingau          –            Business school
    • Burg                  –             Business school
  1. Coaching@EBS an added advantage

Coaching is a key instrument in the personal development of students at EBS.  Student can benefit from coaching by reflection of own strengths, weaknesses, behavior patterns / values. It can open new perspectives and possibilities for improving self. Coaches provide support to students enabling them to find a balance between personal and professional needs.

  1. Scholarship in EBS for student

The scholarships are several and so are criteria for being awarded, however the list of Financial Assistance are listed below:

  • EBS scholarship
  • Paula-Seipel-Scholarship
  • Vodafone Chancen Scholarship
  • Peter Horváth Foundation
  • Votum Foundation
  • Sports scholarship
  • Deduction for siblings and children of EBS alumni
  1. Career Services Center (CSC) in EBS

According to a study by the Federal Association of German employers personal and social skills are just as important as technical skills and HR managers confirm that basic manners such as courtesy, reliability or the ability to engage in a team, are often decisive. CSC is the bridge between the Employers and the new recruits; moreover they conduct workshop and seminars for students to be Industry ready before the annual recruitment events on-campus.

  1. Why EBS is recommended by Confluence

Confluence recommends Study in EBS University as consistently it is ranked among the top universities in Germany. EBS believes in intensive fostering and development of personal etiquettes with a low student / faculty ratio. As Confluence is expert as German admission consultant it also has additional information like students can complete three degrees in five years and more. The Germany Admission Process Guidance would make you a part of an open-minded community and a great atmosphere.

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Germany Admission Process Guidance

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