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Nutrition and Food Science Programs

The nutrition and food science graduate program prepares students for careers in the dynamic and global food and nutrition industry, public health and community nutrition sectors, health care or biomedical research. Due to an increased awareness in recent years of how food directly affects the population’s health, there is a greater demand for professionals trained in nutrition and food science. Students will gain professional knowledge in the field of nutrition, dietetics and food science and will learn from internationally recognized faculty of registered dieticians and certified food scientists. 

Career Opportunities

  •       Food or Sensory Scientist
  •       Research and Development for food companies
  •       Food sales and Marketing
  •       Quality Assurance or Food Safety Specialist
  •       Food Technologist
  •       Food Production Manager

Note: Deadlines for Fall 2020 Master’s Programs 15th May 2020

Admission Requirements: IELTS 6.5 & 2.5 GPA

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