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US universities for engineering management

Masters in Landscape architecture in USA

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Study Masters in Landscape architecture in USA from top universities with affordable cost. We will help you choose best university to pursue masters in landscape architecture in USA.

Why Study Landscape architecture in USA?

Universities for Landscape Architecture in USA offer wide range of courses in both Bachelors and Masters Program. The quality of education and value for money make aspiring students to fly to USA. Landscape Architecture of course is one of the most preferred courses among young graduates worldwide. Lack of enough universities offering the program persuade students to go to study Masters in Landscape Architecture in USA. Universities in US offers quality program in Landscape Architecture.

Universities for Landscape Architecture in USA

Landscape architects design parks, gardens and plazas. They work with engineers and building designers to plan the location of buildings, roads and other elements of the site. A  Masters in Landscape Architecture in USA (MLA) may be completed in 1-3 years. The extent of required coursework usually depends on the student’s undergraduate field of study. Harvard University, University of California, University of Wisconsin, and University of Washington are among the famous Architecture Colleges in USA offering Masters in Landscape Architecture.

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating aspects of botany, horticulture, the fine arts, architecture, industrial design, geology and the earth sciences, environmental psychology, geography, and ecology. The activities of a landscape architect can range from the creation of public parks and parkways to site planning for campuses and corporate office parks, from the design of residential estates to the design of civil infrastructure.

Fields of activity for Landscape architectures

  • Civil design and public infrastructure
  • Sustainable development
  • Storm water management including rain gardens, green roofs, groundwater recharge, and treatment wetlands
  • Campus and site design for public institutions and government facilities
  • Parks, botanical gardens, arboretums, greenways, and nature preserves
  • Recreation facilities; i.e.: playgrounds, golf courses, theme parks and sports facilities
  • Housing areas, industrial parks and commercial developments
  • Estate and residence landscape master planning and design
  • Highways, transportation structures, bridges, and transit corridors
  • Urban design, town and city squares, waterfronts, pedestrian schemes, and parking lots
  • Large to small urban renewal planning and design
  • Natural park, tourist destination, and recreating historical landscapes, and historic garden appraisal and conservation studies
  • Reservoirs, dams, power stations, reclamation of extractive industry applications or major industrial projects and mitigation
  • Environmental assessment and landscape assessment, planning advice and land management proposals.
  • Coastal and offshore developments and mitigation
  • Ecological Design any aspect of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with natural processes and sustainability


In several countries, there exists a professional body comprising of members from professional community to in order to protect the standing of profession and promote its interests. They sometimes also regulate the practice of landscape architecture also. The standard and strength of legal regulations varies from nations to nations.

What do you study in Landscape architecture?

While undergoing for Masters in Landscape Architecture in the USA, you specialize in landscape planning, green space management or urban design. Within these fields you learn to undertake programming, planning, design and management at local and regional scales, developing competences in architectural method, natural and social sciences.


Maters in Landscape Architecture in USA will enable you to find high paid jobs abroad. Jobs are widely available in local authorities nationwide. Private practices tend to be concentrated in centers of large urban population. For experienced landscape architects, the financial rewards may be higher in the private sector, especially if partner status is obtained. There are reasonable opportunities for self-employment for landscape architects who have excellent design and business skills as well as established clients and contacts. A good level of previous experience within an established environment is considered beneficial before setting up an independent business. Our counselors will really help to fulfill your dream to study Landscape Architecture in USA.


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