These are the four best countries for studying abroad

These are the four best countries for studying abroad

The USA is ultimate, for career and comfort, with the world’s best citizen support systems. Complex visa process if you start late, as well as simple visa process if started early. The rejections are done, due to failure in meeting requirements, even with all the requirements meeting but failed to present across the window.

Canada and Australia are the most immigration-friendly countries. Simple visa process.

The UK is your next door at a distance of 9 Hours with a friendly career built-in education. Simple visa process.

United States

In the US, you have a wide variety of universities to choose from. Whether you study at prestigious ivy league institutions or hubs of innovation and cutting-edge thought, you will be able to add to your life experience no matter what you study here. Despite the high cost of living in Boston and San Fransisco, over 750000 international students attend American universities annually. Nevertheless, a student could switch to another university in the US if they decide they want a change of scenery while studying.


Toronto ranked as the most desirable city for students recently, among three Canadian cities making the top 15. With cities like this, it is no wonder that foreign students make up 6.5% of post secondary students in Canada. Canada offers a vibrant culture, a stunning natural environment, and a wide range of regional differences for visiting students, along with several internationally ranked universities.

United Kingdom

In the UK, there is a wide range of high quality universities with varying fees, but it is important to check for scholarship opportunities. Many students work to support their studies, and flexible work schedules are not uncommon. The variety of cultures that exist in the UK, as well as its location ranging from urban cutting edge to countryside idyll, ensure that students will never get bored.


International students choose Australia because of its sandy beaches, year-round sunshine and relaxed outdoor lifestyle. In Australia, universities welcome international students and are well prepared to assist newcomers. Australia has a relatively small population has an unusually high number of institutions making the top hundred for university academic rankings, making it the perfect destination for sun, sand and academic success.

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