TOEFL 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Format!

Attention all TOEFL takers! Embarking on the journey of the new TOEFL format, which debuted in July 2023, promises a quicker testing experience – completing the exam in less than two hours. This condensed version now encompasses four main sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Here is the crucial scoop to help you navigate the revamped TOEFL format:

1. Reading Section: The reading portion has undergone significant change and now consists of two passages with ten questions following each one. Because of this modification, there will now be a total of 20 questions, all of which must be answered within a time limit of 35 minutes.

2. Listening Section: Hold on to your seats, as the listening section comes enriched with a diverse blend of lecture-based and conversation-based questions. The cumulative count clocks in at 28 questions, adding depth to this portion of the exam.

3. Speaking Section: Prepare yourselves for the speaking section, which will follow the same format as before, with one solo task and three integrated tasks to complete. The amount of time allotted to finish these speaking assignments has not changed and will continue to be 16 minutes.

4. Writing Section: In the writing portion of the exam, the traditional 20-minute integrated writing job is maintained in its current form to ensure that test-takers have continuity. The individual writing work has been given a new name—”writing for an academic discussion”—and the allotted time has been cut down to ten minutes. This change adds a new element to the activity.

5. Other Changes: A noteworthy adjustment lies in the realm of experimental questions. The reading and listening sections for computer-based exams no longer include experimental questions, streamlining the testing experience for participants.

In Conclusion: The dawn of the new TOEFL test format ushers in an array of captivating modifications, enhancing the exam’s efficiency and effectiveness in gauging language proficiency. Keeping up with the changes, preparing diligently, and staying informed about the updated format will undoubtedly position you for success on test day. So, take the reins of your TOEFL journey, embrace the new format, and stride towards achieving your language proficiency goals!

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