Visa Guidance

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It is common knowledge that it is impossible to study in any university abroad or work for a company located abroad without a relevant visa. However, there are myriad rules to follow and it can be confusing for you to figure out the right steps. Our Visa Guidance Services are geared towards helping you secure a visa without any undue delay or rejection. We will provide comprehensive advice about the relevant documentation that you need to submit along with the visa application. Every year, there are stories of students who receive admission offers but are not given visas due to their performance in the visa interview.  We provide you with mock interview sessions so that the actual interview at the High Commission or Embassy would be a cake-walk.

Usually, once the admission process has been completed and the University has extended an offer of admission to you, the next step is to prepare the financial documents for issuance of the I-20 (for the USA) form from the University. On receiving the I-20 forms, the next step is obtaining the Visa. Though it is regarded quite a complex and daunting process, we simplify it by using a combination of our experience in this field and our technology platform.

The end to end advantages you get from our Visa Guidance Services :

  • Provide you information and instructions for booking the Visa dates.
  • Provide guidance for paying the Visa and SEVIS fees and filing the Visa application forms.
  • Help you prepare the necessary Visa documents and hold mock Visa interview sessions.
  • Get financial certificate forms and instructions issued by the University as well as provide you with samples of bank letter/statement and affidavit of support and referrals to institutions issuing the loan.

ConfluenceEdu also provides a range of Value Added Services like loan assistance, courier services, foreign exchange/ticketing and overseas medical insurance from our partners.

We streamline your international school application process by helping you take the right step at the right time so that you have a smooth journey – from take-off to landing!