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Interesting Facts about Canada - 20 Interesting Facts about Canada

20 Interesting Facts about Canada

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  1. People in the region in and around Churchill leave their car doors unlocked in case people need to escape from polar bears.


  1. There’s a separate prison for polar bears that break into people’s houses to steal food.


  1. In 1943, Ottawa designed a hospital room for one day to be extraterritorial (international) ground so that a Dutch princess could be born as a Dutch citizen.


  1. Netherlands sends Canada thousands of tulips every year to show their gratitude


  1. The quality of tap water in Canada is often better than that of bottled water


  1. They have a special coin in their currency with a glow in the dark dinosaur


  1. The Canadian Mint makes a $1,000,000 coin that is actually usable


  1. Canada is the most educated country in the world


  1. Canada’s post office receives millions of letters every year addressed to “Mr. Santa Claus, North Pole”


  1. A part of the country actually has lesser gravity than the rest of the Earth


  1. The University of Victoria offers a course called “The Science of Batman”
  2. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world’s lakes combined


  1. Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other country in the world


  1. License plates in Canada are shaped like a polar bear


  1. Canada has the largest coastline in the world


  1. In Newfoundland, Canada, the Atlantic Ocean sometimes freezes, so people play hockey on it.


  1. Yonge street in Canada is the longest street in the world.


  1. The US Canada border is the longest international border in the world and it lacks military defence


  1. “Canada” means village in an Iroquoian language


  1. Canada’s official phone number is 1-800-O-CANADA


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