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twenty interesting facts about the us - 20 interesting facts about the  US

20 interesting facts about the US

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  1. The US was initially called United Colonies and Columbia was a poetic name


  1. The tallest mountain in the world is actually in the US.


  1. The Statue of Liberty, associated with New York City, is actually in New Jersey


  1. Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza each day


  1. Chicago is the birth place of the world’s first ferris wheel


  1. New Jersey houses the world’s largest roller coaster


  1. The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world, by area.


  1. Harvard was the first University in US


  1. The American flag was designed by a 17 year old as a school project and was awarded a B-


  1. The US has three of the world’s five oldest rivers.


  1.  Alaska was originally purchased from Russia in 1867 and is the largest state by land area.


  1. The US has the world’s largest economy.


  1. Most of the world’s tornados occur in the MidWest region of the US, known as the Tornado Alley.


  1. The US consumes more petroleum than any other country in the world.


  1. The internet was developed in the US.


  1. GPS is wholly controlled by the US and can be “switched off” at it’s wish.


  1. The last man executed by a firing squad in the US asked for a bulletproof vest as his last wish.


  1. 8th January 1836 is the last day in history when USA had no national debt.


  1. Russia and USA are only 3.8Km apart at their nearest points.


  1. USA won the Gold in the last Olympic Rugby match in 1924 and hence, are still reigning champions.

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