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This space dedicated for student community to share feedback after availing our counselling. Your feedback helps us to serve better.


  1. Chitra Rallapalli says:

    When you are going through your personal struggles, and working two full time jobs and studying for GRE after a gap from proper education for 5 years, it is utterly difficult to take care of the trivial stuff about the applications along with the bigger ones. You need someone upon whom you can depend on completely and blindly. Its only family and friends on whom you can do that. That is what Confluence Team had been to me. They took care of everything. I took my initial steps with their help. And I just graduated today. This journey has been tremendously phenomenal. As every journey starts with a single step, my single first step started with them, Woohoo!

  2. Fantastic experience with Confluence, got student visa for France for INSEEC college, chambery Campus ,one year MBA program, with in one month process finished, All credit goes to Mr.Yadava Reddy given good support and guidance in each and every step to process . After 8 years of work experience I never thought I will get visa. But after approaching them due to their suggestion ,I applied and I got success. Thanks to confluence education services & Team members.

  3. says:

    Thank you Confluence team for helping me to achieve 1st success in my life.They gave me a clear direction in choosing a right college and course which suits my profile.The great thing about the team is that they are going to follow up with you .

    I recommend confluence to achieve your study abroad goals.

  4. Pratibha says:


    With Confluence I made my first move to build up my career. It has not only given me an experience but also has improved my skills and has taught me how to face real time challenges. I am glad to be a part of Confluence. And i thank all the experts of Confluence for their motivation and guidance. And i can confidently say that this has been an amazing start of my career.

  5. Chaitanya kumar Reddy says:

    Many thanks to confluence team & a special thanks to all Counselors helped me to choose universities & taken a lot of care to get admits & yadhava reddy sir within just two meetings you gave me lot of confidence to crack visa. The main reason am here in US is confluence,you have helped me in all the way. Thank you thank you very much Confluence.

  6. sai says:

    Thanks to Confluenceedu , Right guidance at the right time to get in to right path is very important, This team will guide you to the best path, team is well experienced and positive all the time.

    I have referred many of my friends who have got successful career paths there after.


    Confluenceedu team is very helpful & approachable in the resolution of queries regarding every aspect which ultimately leads to choose the best path in the pursuit of overseas education. The team is very informative, professional, handle the tasks in the respective time frame and keep us updated about the latest developments.
    I will rate them the best and highly recommend their services to the new aspirants.

  8. B Sai Pranita says:

    I’m thankful to the entire team of Confluence Educational Services. Their support was amazing. They have guided me well and followed up with my entire application and Visa process. Thank you Team Confluence for your support.

  9. Nikita says:

    I would take this opportunity to thank Confluence and the team that helped me grow not just in terms of skills and abilities but also as a team. I learnt to succeed not just individually but also value the strengths of a good team work. I have evolved as a writer and also learnt various skills both technically as well as leadership qualities for reaching a goal. This place has provided me a platform to understand that it is very important to coordinate with one another that overall builds up a greater succeed to oneself and also your organization and hence, it makes me happy and nostalgic about the best moments I had with Confluence. It was wonderful to work for Confluence and I appreciate the wonderful team at Confluence for their efforts and hard work in making a positive change in peoples lives.

  10. I am here to share my story about how i got to go to USA for Masters in NYIT. I am writing this to convey how much it means to me, i thank each and everyone who has helped me in this great attempt.

    It all started when a small thought started in my mind about higher studies…..i dont even have a passport when i first started looking for people who can help me then i happened to come to confluence through my relatives suggestion. people here are good and encouraging they let me know everything from the start till end which made me even more determined to go to my dream destination for my studies…..if it wasnt for them i would have quit right in the middle. Now i am going to USA for my masters.

    i recommend confluence to everyone for any course any country…..they are so friendly and encouraging in every step…..they bared with me for one long year to get things done and made me succeed in my attempt to land in the USA.

    Thank you confluence
    Thank you everyone at confluence

  11. Gopi Chand Dasari says:

    I wanna whole heartedly thank the whole team of confluence for walking me through the whole process right from the selection of the universities to the stamping of VISA.They backed me up at every step and helped me efficiently communicate with the Universities.I personally want to thank my counsellor for working on my profile and making it look as lively as possible.Before stepping into Confluence,i didn’t know much about the how to choose and approach the universities,Team Confluence helped me to build up my confidence and efficiently virtually mapped the whole route in front of me.All in all there is are no regrets whatsoever in choosing Confluence and their team is one of the best in the Business.Once again i wanna thank Confluence for putting myself at the point where i dreamt. 🙂

  12. Anugula Bhupesh says:

    Hi friends
    I got my visa approved to Texas a&m university of commerce, i’m so happy and i’m thankfull to Confluence and my counselors for helping me in the whole process starting from my university selection to end of my visa process .
    once again i’m thankful to

  13. Gotka Bhargavi says:

    I was confused with the reviews of many people regarding studies in CANADA, after two years of my research for genuine consultancy I finally started my process with CONFLUENCE. The staff was really helpful especially Mr. Sai Charan Teja who cleared all my doubts and was very patient. Atlast got my CANADA Visa approval.

  14. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Confluence helped me in getting visa for UK. Initially I applied for Australia, but because of the bank employees sluggish speed for processing the loan drove me nuts as that was an important dependency for all other processes. Then Mr. VijayaSena reddy got the offer letter from one of the good UK’s University in no time. He also assisted me in arranging the documents for visa processing. All of the confluence staff are very polite, honest and always ready to help, which I like the most. I was the First Student from confluence to get the admission and Visa for University of Wolverhampton,UK. Thank you Confluence.. Keep up the good work..

  15. Pragnya says:

    Confluence has been instrumental in helping me with my application process. As a student going abroad to study I had a lot of questions. The team have answered every question of mine right from the VISA process to helping me find the best airlines to book my flight. Thank you Confluence for all the help. Do not hesitate to contact them for your study abroad application. You will be provided with the best services!

  16. Santhosh Gaddam says:

    Thanks to Confluence for helped me to craft my career. I have successfully completed Masters. Especially team at Confluence are very helpful while processing my application.I would highly recommend Confluence, if you are looking for a bright future.

  17. Shilpa Reddy says:

    To everyone who is going through my reviews, I am more than happy to review these guys as they have been doing tremendous job ever since i know them.

    Hassle free procedure they follow once you have your score handy.

    Coming to the staff they have been excellent in guiding everyone in person as well as remotely, I have suggested Confluence to many of my friends and the response was overwhelming.

    Would definitely recommend it to everyone in terms of money, visa , guidance and most importantly VISA (0% rejections I can say).

  18. Jobin Kumar Pasala says:

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share my experience with Confluence, Firstly, i have been to different places to get my admission letter. They made my quite confused with all the options and i was ended up with lack of guidance. As soon as my graduation in 2008, i was wondering about my destination country either to Australia or UK.

    Through my family friends come across Confluence and team had provided the best universities in both these countries and narrowed my choice with in my allocated budget. I was given the correct contacts to get my educational loan from State bank of Mysore. Then, the confluence team helped me with the covering letter & the university (Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK) has issued me GBP. 3000 (Rs. 2,80,000) worth of Scholarship. I was very happy with the way i was privileged and taken care about my application. Everything went smoothly while documentation and visa payments. I still remember that i got my visa in 2 days.

    Later on i have recommended my three friends and two cousins about Confluence, and they were able to get their student visas successfully. I strongly recommend ‘Confluence’ based on my personal experience as their team are sensitive about your career goals and helps you at every stage of you application. When you are with their team, no doubt you are with the right people who values your career dream of studying/settling abroad.

    In one word i can say Confluence will be a Leader in your career. I wish all the best to everyone for your future prospects.

    God bless!


    Jobin Pasala.

  19. Harshini Manohar says:


    I’m Harshini

    Happy to say that “Confluece” is the first step of my career. I learnt handling situations,best way of conversation, supporting,understanding from Confluence. I’m really proud to say I’m part of Confluence. I would like to thank Mr.Vijaysena Reddy sir for giving me such opportunity and support. Mr.Yadav Reddy sir for guiding us and making learn new things.

    Thanks Sir, For always standing with the team when we need you. Wish you a great time ahead

  20. Abhiram says:

    Eight months ago I am in a dilemma to which I have to study and which country I have to go,
    By browsing from google I’ve seen so many good reviews about confluence , so I came to office,
    They gave me free counselling,so later I joined for IELTS classes in the confluence office,The staff very friendly and teaching is good,later I made an application for fashion design in France with support of the entire team,I am very happy to get my visa,I convey my wishes to the entire team,i am very grateful to the whole team helping me in admission in college and getting my visa.

  21. Nikhil prakash says:

    THANK YOU confluence. You guys were of great help whenever needed even in odd timings. U always suggested me the best option and keep clearing my doubts.

  22. Ravi Kumar says:

    I was with Confluence between 2008 and 2009.

    It was a great experience to work with the team and especially with the most amazing person Mr.Vijaya Sena Reddy Solipuram

    In this period I have learned a lot personally and professionally which helped me to perceive my bright career. I am a B.Tech graduate joined Confluence as a break for my education career.

    During this time I have met so many students and gave counselling to them for their higher studies.

    Met many delegates from UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

    Now I am working for a MNC in Bangalore.

    Thanks to Vijaya Sena Reddy Solipuram for motivating me.

    Not to forget Mr.Yadava Reddy for all his efforts he spends for the growth of Confluence and its team members.

    Confluence always stands for its Genuineness!!!Good Luck Confluence.

  23. asha durga says:

    I found it through common friend. consultancy is very helpful, they keep us update about notifications and everything about the colleges, everything is taken care by them. they support and give the guidance through visa and application process.

    Thank you, for being very helpful.

  24. G. Chaithanya Krishna Reddy says:

    i have done my IELTS training in Confluence, I am very much satisfied with the training and with the support of counsellors and trainers . It is the best institute because personally trainers trained me in all four modules gave me enough confident to take the real test. I refer Confluence to others who want to go for aboard . Thank you confluence.

  25. Hashim says:

    I have worked in Confluence as international student counsellor where I used to counsel the aspirants who want to study abroad. It was a great opportunity to work with Vijaya Sena Reddy. We were like a family. I never faced any difficulties in terms of understanding the business as Vijay sir and other members of Confluence family were there whenever i faced any problems. Work environment is also good in Confluence where you’ll learn a lot and interact with lot of people everyday.

  26. Hinduja Reddy says:

    I came to know about confluence through my cousin. I am very happy that I got student visa to study in USA. Confluence team helped me a lot to complete the process. They have clarified my every doubt with patience. I am thankful to them for their support. ConfluenceEdu is the best guide to the students those who want to study abroad.

    • Harshith Reddy says:

      I am glad i chose confluence to help me with my visa process. They made it very easy for me and i really thank whole team and their help. I recommend confluence for anyone whose dream is to study abroad. They are the best consultancy according to my experience with them.

  27. Ravinder Reddy says:

    If you are serious about MS in US, you are at a right place to start your jour journey. I can only give superlative comments about confluence team. From the time I joined the consultancy, they have been there for me through every step of the way. They have provided me with a list of Universities that are apt to my profile, reviewed my SOP, helped me select the right Uni, followed up with the Uni regrding financial support, conducted Visa Mock interviews, and the best thing is the moral support they provided. These are just a few among many.
    I specifically would like to thank Mr. Yadav Reddy and Mr. Vijaysen sir for all this support. I very much appreciate them for all their help and effort. Finally I recommend Confluence Edu to any one seeking admission into US universities.

  28. Pavan Kumar Kolepaka says:

    I am pavan kumar i have got my US visa today successfully. I have studies my B-Tech in SRIIT Hyderbad.The confluence team motivated me alot to pursue my masters especially anudeep anna .Yadva anna took care of my every detialed documents and given suggestions when is needed.Before my interview thid team taken a mock interview ut boosted my confidence Thanks for whole team of confluence

  29. Prathyusha says:

    Thanks a lot to confluenceedu. Never thought of getting an I-20 and getting my visa approved be a cake walk. I would suggest every aspiring student who wish to pursue their MS abroad to visit this consultancy.

  30. Prathyusha says:

    Thanks a lot to confluenceedu. Never thought getting an I20 and getting approved my visa would be a cake walk. For every aspiring student who would want to pursue MS abroad I would for sure suggest this consultancy.

  31. Vamshidhar Reddy Kolan says:

    The Journey with Confluence was awesome and simply superb because I had very good and useful guidance about universities under the experienced counsellors .Processing to the universities was upto date and the followup was there due to which I had the appropriate information. I wish all the best the team @ Confluence

  32. Nandikonda Jaswanth Reddy says:

    Firstly I thank to entire confluence members.Really they are very friendly and giving exact information about all the documentation.I am very happy got USA visa.The members are always very alert about every student other than his presence also.Very rare institutions are treating students like them.

    Now i had to talk about vijaysena reddy and yadava reddy sir.In my opinion they are really working alot and taking students pressure on them.Finally thank you so much for entire team for being my success.

  33. Nandikonda Jaswanth Reddy says:

    Fristly I thank to entire confluence members.Really they are very friendly and giving exact information about all the documentation.I am very happy got USA visa.The members are always very alert about every student other than his presence also.Very rare institutions are treating students like them.

    Now i had to talk about vijaysena reddy and yadireddy sir.In my opinion they are really working alot and taking students pressure on them.Finally thank you so much for entire team for being my success.

  34. Mahadev says:

    I did my LELTS training in ConfluenceEdu and successfully scored 7.0 band. I had a wonderful time here learning with very dedicated individuals who always point me in the right direction. Great institution for students who aspire to travel abroad for education and more. ConfluenceEdu provided me with the most relevant materials in my training, and I confess they had very good attention for details makes me feel very greatful for choosing ConfluenceEdu as my Consul.

  35. Gummadi shashank says:

    I joined confluence education processing for US universities. I have known about this consultancy through google search and also through Facebook posts, after that application process in admissions ,visa guidance through mock interviews are very helpful. Finally i reached my destination because of confluence.. thank you to all staff each and everyone……

  36. Sooraj says:

    Hello all,
    I don’t have any words to express the happiness that I’m feeling right now! Thank you so much Team Confluence for helping me get in to Edith Cowan University,WA,Perth and also in getting my the Australian student visa.I’d like to thank Mr. Vijaya Sena Reddy and Yadava Reddy for making this happen in a timely manner.They have been supporting me and keeping me in loop all along.This was actually a delightful experience consulting with Confluence and I am always grateful to them.I wish the team the very best and advise all of you who are seeing this to join hands with ConfluenceEdu. They are the best!

  37. Thota sadhana says:

    Hi friends,
    I thank each and every member of Confluence team, specially Yadava Reddy for helping me throughout my admission process by explaining and supporting me at each and every step till my visa got approved.Thank you so much for your support from the starting day till this day of getting my visa .. I would recommend Confluence to all my friends looking out for abroad education or other visa services.”Wish u all the best”..

  38. salveru arun kumar says:

    Confluence had been very much helpful and has helped me out to get my australia visa. Before reaching confluence, I approached many consultancy but was not satisfied with their response. Finally, I received accurate and genuine information from the Confluence team. Thank you so much for your support from the starting day till dis day of receiving my visa .

  39. Goutham says:

    Nw i am hpy so much,becouse i got American student visa,i am heartfully saying to confluence entire team for helping me about my visa process,. I had my dream come true after i attended their counseling in vijay sir,and mainly i would like to say thanq u for yadava reddy sir,he is helping awesom,i wll remember forever,.Thank you team ConfluenceEdu and all the best….

  40. V R Srinivas Reddy says:

    Hi friends
    This is VR.Srinivas Reddy. My brother suggested me to go to ConfluenceEdu. I got my GERMANY visa and all the credit goes to CONFLUENCE consultancy. They helped me a lot from starting to the end of my visa stamping. The way they receive the students and counsel them regarding abroad education is really superb. I heartily thank each and every member of confluenceedu team.
    Vijaya Sena Reddy sir always knew what was good for me. He motivated me, inspired me and helped me in every possible way. Whenever I was dejected and worried, he made every effort to boost my spirits. Besides being a knowledgeable mentor, he is as affectionate as a family friend.

  41. Yadukrishnan S says:

    Hello guys,
    Those who are wishing to go abroad don’t hesitate to find an education counsellor in Kerala-Confluence Educational Services. Here, you are in the right place.
    From finding me an apt University for my desired course till getting me an Australian visa, they have been with me as well as with my parents.
    A lot of thanks to the team and especially to Vijay sir.
    Once again thank you Vijay sir and the whole team for your continues support. ….

  42. Sasidharan Pookatkunnath says:

    Dear Mr. Vijay, the services rendered by you in obtaining admission for my daughter Ms. Aishwarya have been commendable. From day one onwards you had been very much helpful and have rendered all the necessary assistance in the appropriate time. You had been a good listner and promptly answered all our queries and guided in the proper way.

    I wish all the best to you and your team and you will be my first recommendation to all others who seek higher studies in another country.

  43. Mahendar Reddy Dyava says:

    Hi friends,
    This is Mahender reddy and I have got my NEW ZEALAND visa. All the credit goes to CONFLUENCE consultancy. They helped me a lot from starting till my visa stamping. The way they received students and counseled them regarding abroad education was really superb. I am heartly thankful to each and every member of confluenceedu team.
    Vijaya Sena Reddy sir always knew what was good for me. He motivated me, inspired me and helped me in every possible way. Whenever I was dejected and worried, he made every effort to boost my spirits. Besides being a knowledgeable mentor, he is as affectionate as a family friend.

  44. Venkateswarlu Vallapaneni says:

    This is venkatesh from Hyderabad. I would like to express my feelings for Confluence Educational Services. Confluence helped me throughout the admission process from University selection, IELTS preparation till visa guidance and visa approval. Thank you Yadhav Reddy, who had been my instructor. Anyone who wants to make their dreams of study abroad come true, join Confluence.

    Thanks again.

  45. Alekhya chitiken says:

    Awesome service Confluence. The Confluence team is very co-operative and I am happy to have joined this consultancy.

  46. p manoj reddy says:

    I am very happy with the services of Confluence Edu. consultancy. They helped me a lot and encourged me to achieve good scores. I would like to thank Mr Yadhav Reddy for his help and support

  47. j shivakumar reddy says:

    Thanks to Confluence Edu Consultancy for bringing me to this stage.
    I came to Confluence with a very low profile and was very poor with overseas education knowledge. They encouraged me a lot and finally i got my VISA APPROVED.
    Once again Thanks a lot to Mr. Vijay and Mr. Yadav Reddy who played a crucial role in my success.

  48. j shivakumar reddy says:

    Thanks to “confluence edu consultancy” for bringing me to this stage.
    I came to confluence with a very low profile and was very poor at overseas education knowledge. Confluence team encouraged me a lot and finally i got “My VISA APPROVED”.
    Once again thanks a lot to Mr. Vijay and Mr. Yadav Reddy who played key roles in my success.

  49. rakeshreddy pailla says:

    I feel happy to have consulted Confluence Educational Services. With guidance from the Confluence team I got my admit to the Federation University, Sydney and visa to Australia. I am very grateful to the Confluence team. I feel this is one in a few consultancies that genuinely help students with average credentials in getting their admits and visa.
    Thanks Confluence.

  50. Asif Zulfikar says:

    Hello everyone!
    I have been under Confluence’s guidance since April 2013. It has been a wonderful journey so far. I got admission in IED, Milano for Fashion Marketing and Communication. Earlier, I had an aim of doing a normal MBA from a good University abroad. But Confluence made me understand the importance of choosing the right as well as desired direction. They scanned my profile, my activities and interests thoroughly and helped me find the desired course. Regular interaction and follow ups with students are their traits. The service they provided me not only changed my career, but also had changed me to a better human being. The personal attention that I received has boosted me up.
    There goes a saying “A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credits”.
    The above quote surely suits ConfluenceEdu Pvt. Ltd. The leader that Confluence has is like an enormously power spreading machine. He has been the lead example to those who have struggled to get all the tasks done. I take this golden opportunity to thank all the staff members and the Managing Director of the company from the bottom of my heart.
    I would like to recommend Confluence to everyone who wants to study abroad and have a good student life abroad.
    P.S. With all due respect, Mr. Vijay Sena Reddy, you are truly inspirational and a great human being.

  51. dilip kumar reddy says:

    Hi, I came here through reference from an old friend, Thank you so much Confluence Educational Services for helping me out with CANADA process for Lambton college. A special thanks to G.YADAVA REDDY sir for your kind service. I would recommend Confluence Educational Services for my friends..!

  52. Priyakshi says:

    Thanks a ton Confluence for helping me choose the right university. I am happy to have got my visa approved for University of Illinois for fall 2014 intake. I would like to convey my special thanks to Yadav.

  53. Jyothikiran says:

    Any consultancy can help students in their study abroad admission processes. But ConfluenceEdu is a consultancy which serves students above the general process with great humanity and positive approach.
    Primary purpose of a consultancy should be a friendly and understanding approach towards students, this is what I found missing in many consultancys but found in Confluence.

  54. Naga Mahendra says:

    Hi guys, my visa is approved for NYIT. Thanks to ConfluenceEdu for helping me throughout this process. Special regards to Anudeep Reddy and Yadav Reddy for the support. I would recommend confluenceedu to my friends for best educational councelling.

  55. Divya Ravindra says:

    Thanks a ton for helping me out choosing the rite university got my visa approved for EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, for the fall 2014 .Special thanks to Yadav and Anudeep.

  56. v.kiran teja says:

    I came to know about Confluence through an old friend of mine.I received counceling for some of the good universities ideal for my profile. Here, I attended several mock visa interviews and finally got my visa for the United States for masters. Mr.Yadava Reddy with his best efforts had helped me a lot in visa processing.

  57. M.Rajashekhar Reddy says:

    Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance in each and every part of the process i.e. from counselling, admission process about the abroad education till my visa approval..

    I am sincerely thankful to Vijay anna , Yadav anna and the entire staff of Confluence, for your support in achieving my goal.

    Thanks to my brother Srinivas Reddy who suggested me this consultancy.

    I strongly recommend Confluence as one of the best abroad education consultancy.


    Thanq..Confulence Educational Services…for my visa got approved for Arkansas Technical University for fall 2014…they helped me to select good university and guided me in each and every step.

  59. vamshi krishna says:

    Hi guys!!!!
    I got my visa approved for Wright State University for masters in mechanical engineering.I
    want to thank the entire confluence team for making it successful, especially Yadhav Reddy sir for being very friendly and making this process very easy for me.

    All the best and thank you 🙂

  60. chandra SEKHAR REDDY VENNAM says:

    Thank you Confluence for your service and thanks for guiding me in a right way and helping me right from the first day. I think we can’t get such kind of help from other consultancies. Moreover the Confluence team had been truely responsible throughout the process right from completion of file till making me complete my documents for INTERVIEW. Overall it had been a good experience with YOU.

  61. Kethi Reddy Kiran Reddy says:

    Hi guys, I had joined Confluence Educational Services. Its entire team assisted me to get through with my admission process and in all other problems till my visa got approved. At last I am here with my f1 visa.
    Thank u Confluence..

  62. swaroopa says:

    “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

    I can’t express in words my feelings after receiving my Visa to UK. This happened only because of the Confluence Team. I am very grateful to convey my thanks to Vijay and his team, especially Yadava Reddy. Confluence team not only helps us to get through the admission and visa process but also motivates the students to become successful in their career. Previously, I had approached many consultancies regarding the admission process. But I can proudly say that Confluence is one team that not only assists in University Admission and Visa process but also also it helps and motivates the students to become successful in their career and life. Students who consult Confluence team become a part of their team, because Confluence team play a vital role in every student’s life. I am not praising the team, I am stating what I have actually experienced.
    People who are in confusion to choose right career, Please go and meet the Vijay (Leader) of the confluence team. I called him leader as Vijay influences people with his good behavior and friendly manners. Once again I am very thankful to the Confluence team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to become part of the Confluence team. Thanks to each and every member of the team.
    Right now I am very happy and enjoying in the UK. The total credit goes to the confluence Edu. Thank you again.

    Finally one last thing, I can confidently say about the quote,I mentioned above, is about Vijay. The person who never gives up till he achieves success. For him success means student’s successful career.

  63. GANESH KUNCHAL says:

    Today I’m feeling very happy as I got student visa to IRELAND…I really thank Mr. Vijay for his support and guidance throughout the VISA process…I still remember the day when I first met Vijay Anna, having my complete academic profile with me and waiting for the best opportunity to acquire GLOBAL education..I approached many consultancies, but when I approached CONFLUENCE, it build a confidence in me that I need not to turn back and compromise with my dreams…
    Finally, I really feel glad to thank Mr. Vijay and Mr. Yadava Reddy for adding wings to my dreams…

    Thanks and Regards

  64. Hello All,

    I am pursuing my Masters in Communications and Media Engineering in Germany and all the credit goes to Confluence for their efforts to guide me in all respects.

    Confluence has helped me in applying to different Universities and specially I would like to thank Miss Soumya for taking great care throughout my process . They were quite helpful and also well experienced in reaching their goal, which is perhaps the biggest advantage to students. With confluence, this has become simpler and easy. They help you to choose the right place and the counseling you receive from Vijay sir is awesome and crucial to reach your goals.

    At last and most importantly, I would recommend Germany for studies in various engineering areas as well as for management. Perhaps getting part- time job would be somewhat difficult but if you are familiar with German language it will be easy. I would recommend you to learn the language before coming to Germany. You can also visit various websites which would help you to understand the current scenario and how much shall one need for living.

    Finally All the best to the aspiring students and i suggest Confluence as the right place for guidance and to fulfill your goals.

    Thanks and Regards,

  65. Niharika says:

    I feel very proud to say that I have been counseled, guided and supported by CONFLUENCE, because without them I would not have accomplished my goals. A very big thank you to VIJAY SENA REDDY sir as he was the sole person to motivate me and encouraged me to be positive about acquiring uk visa.
    Firstly, I approached another consultancy(don’t want to mention the name.), they made things more complicated for me and I ended up getting rejection from the UK embassy. No doubt I was very depressed as the amount of work and money invested went in vain.
    I was not sure if I really wanted to go with another consultancy, but I have no regrets till date after i met VIJAY sir in CONLFUENCE.
    CONFLUENCE, brings your dreams to reality no matter how tough they are. They supported me in all possible ways, knowing well that I already had a rejection once. I feel VIJAY sir was more confident in my application than I was. Applying for a visa was a very hectic task under the first consultancy I approached ..but the same was really easy under CONFLUENCE. They just took the burden off me and made a clear path irrespective of the issues I had. I don’t think I would find a person like VIJAY sir. I can very confidently say that CONFLUENCE is the place where they don’t see students as a business but realize every students dream as their own dream, which is the sole reason for me getting UK visa.
    I am very grateful to you VIJAY sir.Thank you so much for your immense support for transforming my goals into success. I wish you all the best in your life ahead.

  66. V.Anvesh Kumar says:

    Hi Every one,
    I am Anvesh, I got admit from University of Central Missouri (UCM) and am very much thankful to ConfluenceEdu for their excellent commitment in making the students fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education in different countries.. from exam preparations till Visa approval, we got 100% support from the consultancy. Specially I am very much thankful to Mr Yadav Reddy for his crucial support. Here, individual and special attention is given to every student’s application process..
    I strongly recommend all MS aspirants to approach ConfluenceEdu so as to achieve success in your attempts..

  67. Rajendra says:

    Thanks to Confluence team for making my documentation work look effortless. From getting the education institute admission till visa filing for Canada it has been a nice experience. I got the right guidance to organize my documentation which was important to get my visa successfully. Confluence Education Services is doing a wonderful job for all the aspirants who want to pursue their career on an international platform. I thank all the members of Confluence team for making this possible. The responses over phone and attitude of the team made me feel at ease even in tensed situations during my application process. Confluence team helped me in and out over every matter and query that I raised and were ready to guide me throughout the process. I would also recommend Confluence Educational Services to everyone who wants to see their dream to reach international level come true.

  68. Daqoo says:

    Thanks to Confluence for their help in achieving my dream. I got my Visa for Canada for Spring 2014.
    Thanks a lot to Yadav Reddy Sir. Thank you Sir.

  69. Nanda kumar says:

    Confluence consultancy helped me to get admission in good university and in gathering the required documents. I am glad that I got my VISA. Thanks to Confluence Team.

  70. I.Sindhu Priya says:

    Firstly, my heartful regards to entire Confluence Team… you really helped me to achieve my lifetime ambition i.e. Masters from USA.. with your support I got my F1 visa approved 🙂 … and dear friends, if your dream is to persue masters, i strongly recommend you to join confluence for it makes your dreams come true…. thank you.

  71. v.priyanka says:

    Thank you so much Confluence.My visa is approved for Eastern Illinois university USA and I am very happy for that. I convey my hearty wishes to entire Confluence Team for helping me and for your crucial support at every step. The team was always ready to assist me at any point of time. I would recommend confluence to all my friends seeking for abroad education or visa services.

  72. kajjam Balakrishna says:

    Thank u very much Confluence. I had a dream of going to USA and that u have fulfilled very easily. I feel very thankful for your service.

    I also thank everyone for your support and your sincere efforts that made my dream a reality.

  73. lingareddy kubireddy says:

    Hello friends,
    I got my visa for masters in the United States. I came to Confluence Educational Services with some confusion in mind. Team Confluence helped me in each and every step of USA admission journey . I am conveying my heartiest thanks to Confluence Team, specially my friend Yadava Reddy . I will suggest Confluence Edu. Services to achieve your dreams for study in USA.

  74. varma gadiraju says:

    My friend suggested me about Confluence. They advised promptly what I should do. Though like other students my scores were not great but as per the short listing, I received I-20 and visa,this credits goes to Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd. Confluence supported me in every step and kept me focused towards my goal.

  75. Thank u Confluence for helping in selecting the universities.This consultancy guided me to choose good colleges according to my profile.They helped me with the visa process and with mock interviews for visa .

    I would recommend Confluence to all my friends looking out for abroad education or other visa services.

    Thank u Confluence…

  76. Shaik Riyaz says:

    Hii friends,

    I got my visa( yahhhhoooooo).At first, I got into CONFLUENCE with the help of Srinivas anna,thank you very much anna, u gave me a very gud platform to know how will the USA visa process be.

    Secondly, Yadav Reddy anna “nuvu kirakk anna”. Thanku for ur remarkable support in selecting the right university, suitable to my profile. And thanks for helping me a lot regarding visa documents and all.

    I would like to recommend Confluence consultancy to each and everyone who is looking forward for their higher studies in abroad.

  77. I really thank Confluence for their impeccable patience and commendable service. Even when I was frustrated and almost gave up, it was confluence that kept me going. I had all sorts of troubles with my visa application, medical, passport and even CAS letter… but confluence was there with me through the thick and thin and without their timely guidance and support i would not have been in Aberdeen right now, doing my masters in petroleum production engineering from the Robert Gordon University. Once again.. thank you team confluence.. and keep up the good work. oh n yea.. the best part is.. it’s free.. cheers \m/

  78. Venu Gopal says:

    Thankyou so much to “CONFLUENCE EDU SERVICES” FOR “GUIDING ME IN TO A SUCCESSFULL PATH”. I would like to convey my hearty wishes for the entire team.They patiently answered all the questions asked them at any time apart from their working hours. Moreover, the application processing was very fast.

  79. S.GOUTHAM REDDY says:

    Thank you so much Confluence Educational Services for helping me out with UK process. Special thanks to G.YADAVA REDDY sir for your kind service.I would recommend confluence educational services for my friends..!

  80. I’m so happy that I contacted Mrs.Sindhu James and Mr.Gino Mathew of Confluence Kochi branch, they helped me to make my dream of studying in a reputed University in UK easy to achieve. I want to thank the whole team members who helped me to seek my visa. THANK YOU CONFLUENCE.

  81. T SAI RUTWIK says:

    Thanks a lot for for making my dream come true. Confluence really helped a lot from beginning to end. Especially Vijay , Yadav Reddy, Sunitha akka….they made perfect path for me and guided me in the preference of COUNTRY. I am so happy that my VISA is approved for US.

    Thank you so much Confluence.

  82. Swaroopa says:

    “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

    I am very mush great full to thank Vijay and his team for making me successful. why I mention successful means I have full filled all my dreams in my career with the help of Vijay and his team.

    I am very happy to mention about the confluence educational services. Before I came to confluence, I am not that confident enough to write GRE, TOEFL and to apply for MS. First time when I met Vijay sena reddy and discussed about my negatives for not applying to US. At that very moment he observed the positives in me and explain about those positives to me. Then I got the confidence and proceed for to write GRE and TOEFL. I got less score(Not much but compared to others, the score is less) in GRE. But Vijay encouraged me and proceed further for getting Maters admission in one of the universities of New jersey.

    After I got the I20, I was not ready to fly, because I am afraid of the Visa interview. Vijay personally took a counseling session fill the enough confidence in me and make me to attend for the visa interview and I completed my Maters now I am working for an MNC. I am not praising the confluence educational services for providing the opputunity for My master’s. They gave enough strength to acheive something which is unique and also helps to ful fill our dreams.

    Please take a suggestion from Vijay and confluence educational services team and full fill your dreams.

  83. Swaroopa says:

    “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

    I am very happy to mention about the Confluence Educational Services. Before I came to confluence, I was not that confident enough to write GRE, TOEFL and to apply for MS. First time when I met Vijay Sena Reddy I discussed about my negative points for not applying to US. At that very moment he observed the positives in me and explained and encouraged me about those positives. Then I got the confidence and proceeded for GRE and TOEFL. I got less score(Not much, but compared to others the score is less) in GRE. But Vijay encouraged me and proceed further for getting Maters admission in one of the universities of New jersey.

    After I got the I20, I was not ready to fly, because I was afraid of the Visa interview. Vijay personally took a counseling session, boosted my confidence and encouraged me to attend the visa interview.

    I successfully completed my Maters and now I am working for an MNC. I am not praising Confluence Educational Services for providing me opputunity for Masters program but they give enough strength to achieve something which is unique and also help to fulfill our dreams.

    Please take suggestions from Vijay and Confluence Team and fulfill your dreams.

  84. Jayendra Pissay says:

    I am a student of Tirumala Engineering College, now I am going for higher studies (master’s) to New York Institute of Technology,New York,USA.

    I am very grateful to receive such guidance from the entire team of Confluence. I am very thankful to them as they supported me till the end, till i got visa. The confluence team is very kind, friendly and supportive when it comes to processing things. And, having received guidance from them is truly excellent. I thank confluence team very much for being supportive and very helpful to me.

    Jayendra Pissay

  85. Architha Reddy says:

    I am very happy with the guidance and support from the Confluence Educational Services which i received regarding the selection of appropriate college which would suit my profile and also regarding financial concerns.
    Finally I have come out with the best results and my visa is approved.
    All the thanks to Vijay sir and Yadav Reddy sir.

  86. yennu susmitha reddy says:

    I’m so happy that my visa got approved. I got admission in New York Institute of Technology,Old Westbury.
    My program: cse
    First, I’m very grateful to Confluence Edu Team for being with me all through my admission process.
    I’m Very thankful to Yadav Reddy Sir, General Manager of Confluence Edu for giving me detailed suggestions regarding my application and clearing all my queries.
    I had a great confusion before I came here like which university I have to chose ??..which would be a better choice for me..?…which program…and many such queries, but after joining Confluence Edu most of my stress was reduced.
    I was very happy by the way they trained me and prepared me before went for Visa interview, which was turning point in my life.

    Thank You Once again to the entire Confluence Edu Team.

  87. Sai Sujith Y says:

    I am very much satisfied with the guys who were working in Confluence.. They are very cooperative,helpful in each and every step starting from IELTS preparation to getting visa..Coming to my personal feelings towards one Main person in this organization was Yadava Reddy who was very much helpful and his friendly nature was awesome. He was like a family member for me. It’s my pleasure to meet Yadava Reddy at the first step of my Masters plan.Along with him Vijaya Sena Reddy is very gud person i have ever met. Finally thankful to Whole Confluence Services… Urs Sujith….

  88. Sindhu says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m so happy that my visa is approved. I got admission in Wright state University, Ohio.
    My program: EE

    First, I’m Very Grateful to Confluence Edu Team for being with me all throughout my admission process.

    I’m Very thankful to Yadav Reddy Sir, General Manager of Confluence Edu for giving me detailed suggestions regarding my application and clearing all my queries.

    I had a great confusion before I came here like which university I should chose ??..which would be a better one for me..?…which program…etc. But, when I joined in Confluence Edu most of my burden was reduced.

    I was very happy the way they trained me and prepared me before I went for Visa application, which was a turning point in my life.

    Thank You Once again to the entire Confluence Edu Team.

  89. Hi all!
    I am very much happy that I got my U.S. VISA approved for “KENT STATE UNIVERSITY-OHIO” recently (19th Jun 2013)..this all happened under the guidance of CONFLUENCE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. Initially, I actually came with a lot of doubts about U.S and the universities giving admissions. But after coming here,i felt relieved and became very happy with the help provided..Students with less scores in their academics, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS get admits in the universities here and are given good suggestions for getting has been a great journey with CONFLUENCE and I suggest all others to come,join and get success..
    I wish all the very best for your bright future..

    Thank you,

    Completed Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences from Aurora’s Scientific & Technological Institute-JNTUH.

  90. srinivas rao says:

    It has been a great and a very safe journey with confluence educational services.I’m elated to say that all the help from them paid off now when i got my visa approved for masters in the United States…so,for all the future aspirants for education abroad I would recommend Confluence..which provides you with more than enough assistance in all aspects..wishing all the best ..:)

  91. Roshanara says:

    I am Roshanara student in UNCC who got all work successfully done through Confluence edu. They helped me from start till the time I got my visa stamped.It was very late by the time I decided to apply for the universities,but they started with choosing the Universities and helped me in all the paperwork.Being a working professional, it was very tough for me to manage all the work. But Vijay sir answered all my queries on phone and tried to get things done as soon as possible. Dealing with Confluence is one of my best experiences in life.

  92. Rishi says:

    I have done courses from here. It’s the best institute I have ever found for abroad studies. Thanks a lot to Confluence Education.

  93. ATUL MALIK says:

    Hey all,

    Uncle John is amazing teacher , the way he teaches is excellent.
    Moreover i remember his ASSIGNMENTS , he will be putting so much pressure for doing these assignments . Actually, doing these assignments is very helpful. No other training institutes will concentrate on you as they did.
    It’s good learning experience and their way of teaching is different from others.

  94. Rijesh says:

    No words for how amazing the classes were.

    Initially Uncle John was a little strict with us, then we realised it’s because of the common thing among us that we all know what he is going to teach.Later on we started understanding the deep meaning of the language and i would recommend Uncle John’s classes not just for a GMAT exam but for a lifetimes knowledge of English language and his vast experience!

    Truly this has helped me at my current job as well!
    Cheers Uncle John, am sure you are changing lives of many..
    Proud to be your student… 🙂

  95. Anand R says:

    Thank you John Sir , its was pure fun to attend your classes.
    Your teaching was a blessing for me.
    With years of experience and your passion to give the best and get the best out of your students is simply amazing .. Thanks for everything ..

  96. Krishnamurthi says:

    Hello All,
    I take privilege in writing this section. I would like to start by thanking Uncle John.
    Thanks Uncle, you made my dream to study abroad a reality. Without your help, coaching and guidance I would have never been able to achieve this grand success. Your tips in reading comprehension were really astounding and improved my confidence. I thank you Uncle. Your teaching was a blessing for me.
    I sincerely recommend Uncle John’s classes to all my friends, who are interested in getting a high score in English. Thanks Uncle.
    R. Krishnamurthi

  97. kavya nagaraj says:

    Hi all,

    Having coached by from John Sir for GMAT – English was a true blessing. His dedication, experience and knack of teaching is a great combination to drive anyone in his journey of GMAT prep. He continuously inspires you and motivates you to give your best.

    He stresses on the fundamentals and certain techniques in verbal in every class as a result of which solving the OG became easier than I ever thought.

    “I specially recommend to everyone John Sir’s GMAT classes for a HIGH GMAT SCORE”

  98. Ram L says:

    I had studied GMAT English under the guidance of John sir. I was sure that I was in safe hands right after his first class itself. His approach to sentence correction was classic! Unlike other instructors teaching for competitive exams, John sir was willing to get to the basics of grammar. He has a comprehensive understanding of the exam structure and is a master of short-cuts – after all time is what makes a difference in exams like the gmat. I would recommend John sir’s classes to anyone planning to take up any competitive exam. What you’ll love is the humour he brings to the classroom!

    – Ram
    Isb, Hyderabad.

  99. Sravanthi says:

    Dear Friends,

    I attended John Sir’s classes last year..He is the person with great passion for teaching English.

    Join his classes now.
    Get challenged by him for your own good 🙂

    All the best

  100. Rishiraj Shrawat says:

    I joined John D’Cruz’s (or John Sir as we fondly call him) English coaching classes for the GMAT exam in August 2010 for 3 months. His style of teaching has been pivotal in my success in cracking the GMAT.

    John Sir’s tutoring specifically helped me achieve my goal for the following reasons:

    1. Simple structured approach : John Sir always figured the easiest approach to tackle questions (of any category within the verbal section).

    2. Ingraining the approach in the student’s mind : John Sir made us practice each question he covered multiple times in class and through homework until the structured approach was at the tip of our fingers. The hard work he made us put in helped me in gaining great confidence in tackling questions from any category of the verbal section.

    3. Discipline : He set an example for all students to be disciplined in class and more importantly to our goal by setting an example himself. Always well in time for every class and disciplined in his work ethic , he induced the same ingredient in the students as well.

    4. Positive, Lively Energy : John Sir very well understands the way a student’s mind works in terms of attention span. He is always bustling with energy in class and holds every student’s attention for the entire duration of the class. This was vital in helping me master all the verbal section concepts in a short span of time.

    I sincerely thank John Sir for helping me achieve my goal. I cracked the GMAT and went on to secure an admission in ISB, Hyderabad.

    Thank you once again Sir !

  101. Felicia says:

    I had the opportunity to learn for GMAT with Uncle John. His technique of systematically going from point to point is superb as he makes the learning permanent.
    Uncle John is the only one I know of in Bangalore who makes you go through all the four editions of the GMAT . His mastery over the English language is great with his decades of experience. Assignments are a must and his disciplined attire and demeanour in class is commendable.
    One has to study with Uncle John to know the secrets of scoring well in GMAT. I Strongly Recommend him for GMAT.

    Felicia Prem Brand Owner

  102. Sandeep Yootla says:


    Confluence helped and supported me in all aspects to reach UK. When I reached UK I felt very nervous, at that time Confluence team supported me a lot by informing my situation to one more student named Pavan who reached UK through Confluence . I am very thankful to Yadav Reddy who guided me at each and every step of my journey to UK as well as to Pavan and everyone who helped me to reach here.

  103. Anchal Nema says:

    I studied English from John Sir for GMAT in Aug, 2011 batch. He is definitely the best teacher,I have ever come across, due to various reasons:

    1. In-depth knowledge: John Sir has in-depth knowledge about English subject. His lectures are very detailed and full of fundamental concepts that are very necessary for the foundation. He breaks down the subject matter into logical pieces which makes understanding the same very intuitive and coherent. His examples are very apt to help understand the subject matter.

    2. Strong personality: I felt very inspired to study under him due to his strong personality. He left no doubts in my mind and his instructions were for my own good. His strictness in adherence to time and work helps a lot in achieving the required focus for the goal. He takes personal responsibility in making sure that every student progresses in studies. His efforts are quite evident when he shouts on top of his voice to clear a doubt. He takes care of the minute details like a very good dress code to inspire discipline and focus among students.

    3. A true teacher: I remember the day when John sir met with an accident before coming to the class, he had bruises all over his body and ideally he should have gone to the hospital directly, but he chose to teach the batch inspite of so much persuasion from students to take immediate medical help. I was very inspired by his love for his students. I am amazed to see that his energy didn’t drop even by an iota, infact there was a new zeal in him that day to deliver the lecture. He taught me many personal lessons apart from subject matter, like passion to one’s work, love and care towards students, discipline.

    To summarize, it is a no brainer if you wish to study English, join John sir classses NOW.

    -Anchal Nema
    SDE, Amazon corporation
    IIT kharagpur, 2009 batch.

  104. SHREEDHARAN says:

    Hi frenz,

    The consultancy is very cordial throughout the admission process.The support which regional manger Mrs.Angel is giving makes us feel good and comfortable.
    The organization is very systematic in executing the tasks and have state of the art facilities for managing the tasks.

  105. Priyanka says:


    I could successfully crack my GMAT because of John Sir. His style of teaching is amazing. You won’t be able to forget the concepts that he explains even if you want to.

    Thank you sir 🙂

  106. Yashas Sudarshan says:

    I successfully completed my Master’s in the UK. Thanks a lot to Confluence, especially Mr. Vijay. I would highly recommend Confluence for People who are planning to study abroad.

  107. Vijendar reddy says:

    Hiee.. Friends

    This is vijendar reddy, Firstly i convey my hearty thanks to especially to Yadav Reddy sir and Vijaya Sena Reddy sir, who stood behind me in every process. They helped me throughout the process with great patience and responsibility. They do the process very quickly. I finally got my visa…Thank you very much Confluence.

    If anyone is looking for good consultancy, prefer CONFLUENCE, where we can get unlimited useful stuff.

    Thank you and wish you all the best. . 🙂

  108. Vidya V says:

    The confluence team helped me a lot in obtaining my US visa. They were able to help me choose the right universities to apply for my MS program, based on my academia, test scores etc. I ended up in a great place for my Master’s, and am now in a good Ph.D program, thanks to Vijay.

    When the responses from universities regarding my admission were delayed, Vijay was very patient in answering my several emails, finding out about my admission status etc. He was very helpful in clearing all my doubts, when I was preparing for my stay in the US. Thanks a lot Vijay.

    I highly recommend the confluence team for everyone who is planning to apply for universities abroad.

  109. pavan k says:

    First of all let me thank with all my heart to the Confluence Team especially Vijaya Sena Reddy and my friend Subba Reddy Ambati who made my visa possible when I was in a dilemma of whether to apply or not, after giving lot many tries with other people.

    Usually other consultancies through my personal experience don’t give a damn about us after paying money to them and I have some personal experiences that I don’t want to mention here.To be frank I am of the same opinion when i first gave a call to confluence but on the other hand Vijay spoke to me in a very professional way with relevant and practical information based on my profile. That made me to think that at least he is making some sense here and they know what they are talking about.

    I finally decided to go with Confluence and i spoke to Vijay. He got me admission from university of bedfordshire within a week. Now it was the time to pay my fee but still i was in a dilemma whether to pay or not. I spoke to vijay again and he assured me about my fee if in case my visa is not approved. I paid my fees and got my CAS. Finally its time to visa filing.

    I used to call vijay and bug him everyday about my visa like how they are filing and the information what i need to provide etc. He was never late in responding to my call and he never spoke to me without proper information. He gathered lot of information about my case with many other people and gave me timely updates which in turn boosted my morale as i was already quite uncomfortable with my previous experiences. Finally with all the information in hand that he got from his solicitors he suggested me with a better option that we thought feasible and i applied for my visa.

    To my surprise without even any interview i got my visa approved the following week…..

    Once again i am really thankful to the whole confluence team and Mr. Vijay who helped me a lot to get over the hurdles. If anyone who is thinking about confluence while reading this, i will defnitely recommened you to go to Confluence.

    Best of luck to you and Confluence for future.

    ~Pavan K.

  110. vinod ammineni says:

    Thanks a ton to Vijay anna and Yadava reddy anna for dey are the reason behind I’m being here(AUSTRALIA) today, without you ppl wat eva happened wud be impossible, shud appreciate ua patience and ua services, i’ve neva seen any consultancy so much keen about their students and updating information provided, confluence is the only cons so far i have known doing their work patiently and updating the information needed. Hope u’ll come to know much, if u proceed through confluence..My real wishes to confluence..Thank You.:)

  111. mohan ganavarapu says:

    Hi friends , this is Mohan working with an educational institution in melbourne australia. I came here for my studies through one of the best consultants(Mr.Vijaya Sena) in hyderabad. The reason why he is best is because he is the one running an organisation with lot of courage and is very enthusiastic to do the perfect process with extensive support and care for every individual aspirant….alongwith good career counseling

    Now i am much better in life with many qualifications, ….so i am suggesting to everybody who is going to process their visa to Australia, it is most recommendable.

    if any queries contact me via email

    facebook : mohan ganavarapu

  112. satish says:

    Dear Vijay Sir you are doin a great and wonderful job for the students who have joined ConfluenceEdu. Your services for the students going for study abroad never let them find any difficulties to reach their goals. At International level your services are very trustworthy and have been guiding students for study abroad at ConfluenceEdu. Best wishes to Vijay Sir and his team.

  113. Hari Thakur says:

    Hi Good Morning,

    This is Hari Thakur, I’m From Hyderabad, studied my graduation from Osmania University and then applied for my higher education Studies in New Zealand for Business Management. My personal experience is New Zealand is really amazing. I have been here now for quite a while(4 years), learned lot of things, travelled around the country with awesome natural beauty. There are good career opportunities if you work hard and have potential to prove yourself, this is a place to come with really cool, relaxed and composed life to settle.

    Really Thankful to Vijay Sena Reddy for such a smooth processing 


  114. mohammed wasey obaid says:

    Hi..My name is Mohammed Wasey Obaid and am a BTech graduate from JNTU hyderabad..i would like to share my process experience for Australia from,to be frank with u all out there.. received my visa for masters today and yes,made a very right decision of coming here for my process.I am satisfied a lot by their speedy process..they made it all happen in a very few days time, I may say as an average student they brought me up to a university of my choice..and I am specially thankful to my counselor who was very active during the process,guided me in every aspects with lot of ease…i would recommend all to come here for a bright future and right guidance..Thank you and all the very best.

  115. santosh says:

    Hi friends,
    This is Santosh. It’s a great pleasure to share my US experiences with you guys. As a typical B.Tech student from Hyd, I had dreams of doing masters from a reputed university in USA. I came to know about Confluence through one of my cousins. That’s the first time I met the confluence team. I have a decent score in GRE, but I was unable to make it in TOEFL. I am really happy with the way the team has helped me to choose the universities which suit my profile. Specially, I need to mention Vijay’s effort here. He emailed to the universities about my profile and enquired whether the university’s course curriculum suits my profile. I still have some of those emails with me. After finalizing with the list of universities, I’ve applied for four of them. I need to thank Mr. Yadava reddy and Prasanna for their help in the process of applying. I am happy to say that, I got admit from those four universities. Vijay helped me to choose the university which fits my needs (with better funding chances and low cost of living). I am very much happy about choosing Oklahoma State University as my destination to other options (Auburn, Houston main campus, ODU) I had. In my second semester, I got a Research Assistant position, which benefited me with full tuition waiver and monthly salary to manage my living expenses.
    I’ve recently completed my masters and am looking for a job now. I suggest aspiring applicants to make their university’s choice based on the factors like research work, fee, funding opportunities, cost of living. I feel that a compromise in one of those factors is a must to get the remaining benefits. One last thing I want to say, if possible choose the university in which you know some seniors. This always helps. If you need help drop me an email at
    All the best.

  116. Swetha says:

    Hi All,

    I am a good friend of Vijay and have known him for very long. He is a hard working ,sincere and dedicated person i have ever seen.
    I would like to share with you all a little update and facts about life in UK.

    I am living in UK since 4+ years, working at one of the finest banks of the world as tax specialist. Life in UK is both complicated and easy, complicated until you find a good job of your profile and easy after you get the right job and decent salary.

    I have known lot of students who have come and gone due too much financial pressure, managing jobs, studying ,paying towards visa and living cost. The student life is a real challenge and to face the challenge i would recommend anyone opting for UK to have enough funds to support their living, and visa cost during their period of study. This will enable you to study well without pressure and your good progress will get you good and decent jobs in your desired field.

    All the students who are applying for UK student visa, be prepared for UK will not welcome you with an easy life and good jobs, you will have to get your own job and work while you study to support your daily living. Be prepared to do any challenging job. Experience in UK matters here and not really what and nwhere you are working. No job is too small.

    Wish you all the students a very good luck.

    Congrats to Confluence team for all the hard work and giving bright futures to the aspiring students. God bless and All the best for the future.

  117. sandeep valluri says:

    Confluence is one of the best thing that happend to me. Confluence is really very cooperative and patient in dealing with students. They took utmost care of everything right from the beginning till the end.

  118. Raghuraj says:

    Dear All,

    Congratulations TEAM Confluence.
    I’ve done my Masters in Design from ITALY and all the credit goes to Confluence for their efforts to guide the students in all respects.

    A lot of students go to different places today around the world and study, work and experience the amazing things in their lives. And one such place where I went was Italy. I think many of us would be wondering why ITALY, not US or UK or any other place. Perhaps, you could be right but I went there to pursue my education in Design and always wanted to return Home (India) with wisdom of design education. Design education can also be done anywhere in the world today. However, the Design Thoughts could perhaps be learned from the place wherefrom the Design is said to be born and has reached its peak.

    Confluence has helped me to address the various Visa formalities which the Italian Consul would ask us to produce before we leave for further studies in Italy. They are quite understanding and also thoughtful in reaching a systematic approach to file the Visa which is perhaps the biggest hurdle one has to come across. With confluence, this has become simpler and easy. They help you to choose the right school and they counsel you the right way to reach your goal.

    The last few things I would like to say and which are the most important of all is that I would recommend you to go to Italy only to study and not work. Perhaps getting part- time would be your worst night mare. Only, if you have enough funds after paying your fees for Living in Italy, I would recommend you to study there. You can also visit various websites which could make you to understand what is the current scenario and how much shall one need for living. It’s nothing like the US or the UK environment there. Italians don’t speak English at all. And I think you can learn a little Italian to make a good conversation for your living in Italy.

    And for those of you going to study in Italy, All the best. Confluence is one right place for guidance to Study in Italy.

  119. Shilpa says:

    Hi Confluence has been very much helpful and has helped me out to get my UK visa.. before reaching confluence I met many consultancies and was not satisfied with their response.. finally I got the genuine information from the Confluence Team. Thank you soo much for your support from the starting day till dis day of getting my visa ..

  120. vineela says:

    Thank u to Team Confluence for i got my visa through their assistance. They helped me to select good university and guided me in each and every step towards success.

  121. ch.vinay kumar says:

    Hi friends
    This is vinay kumar got usa visa.All this credit goes to CONFLUENCE consultancy.They helped me a lot from starting to the end of my visa stamping.The way they receive the students and counsel them regarding abroad education was really superb.I am thankful to each and everyone in Confluence.

  122. Suhas says:

    My Dear Friends
    I am Suhas, I got good score in IELTS and It had been a good experience to be a part of confluence, jaya nagar team. They helped me by boosting my confidence.. I recommend the students to join confluence for studies abroad … Wish u all d best..

  123. srihari says:

    Hi all,

    I had been a student with Confluence in 2011. Though I took decision to go ahead with masters late in my life…Vijay encouraged me to go ahead with my decision. He even introduced me to people who were much older than me and pursuing their quest for masters abroad.They also take up coaching classes for IELTS,TOEFL, GRE,GMAT etc. I had taken IELTS training in confluence under guidance of Ali sir. I scored 7.5/9 which is considered a good score abroad.

    I have to say , Vijay is very supportive and always goes an extra mile in helping the students. Though admission decision lies entirely with the university, Confluence, backed up with the experts in the field make a sincere effort in helping students get the admission. In short if you are in a quest for higher studies abroad, I think confluence is the safest hand you can trust.

  124. My dear friends

    I started my IELTS training with Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd on the first week of August 2011. Getting to meet and know Vijaya Sena Reddy sir and IELTS Trainer Uncle John D’Cruz changed my life. Uncle John D’Cruz (we call him as UJD) taught me all the techniques and shortcuts for scoring good marks in IELTS. As the result of the rigorous coaching (I used to come to Bangalore from Mysore only on Weekends, since I was working in Infosys, Mysore), I scored 7.5/9.0 (Speaking-7.0, Writing-6.5, Reading-8.5, Listening-8.5) in IELTS. Without the help from Confluence, I couldn’t have scored such good marks.

    Vijaya Sena Reddy sir understood me and knew what is good for me. He motivated me, inspired me and helped me in every possible way. Whenever I was dejected and worried, he encouraged me and boosted my spirits. Besides being a knowledgeable mentor, he is also an affectionate friend.

    Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd helped me a lot in choosing the right university for me, preparing my CV, SOP, LORs, etc. Thanks to Confluence, I got admission in Technical University of Dortmund, Germany for Master’s degree in Automation and Robotics. I faced various problems and in every phase, Confluence helped me deal with those smoothly(Applying for visa, Delayed admission, etc). They also helped me to prepare for my migration.

    When Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd recommended me to apply for IELTS exam even when I am fluent in English language, I was a little hesitant. But, I trusted them and went through with the coaching. It seems that it was one of the best decisions of my life, as my good marks in IELTS was one of the deciding factors in getting selected into the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany (Out of the 580 students who applied to TUD only 80 students were selected, and honestly, I don’t think I would have made it if not for the IELTS marks, and the SOP).

    After reaching Germany, I found that one thing is inevitable no matter how much knowledge or preparation you have: “Contacts with seniors”. With no accommodation provided by my university, I would have been forced to spend at least 500 Euros for lodging in the first month, if not for my seniors. So, if you are planning to go to a foreign country for studies, make sure your accommodation problem is settled.

    From helping you to shortlist the universities to preparing you for the Visa process, Confluence services you with all. What surprises me is the personalized care, support and help you get at Confluence Educational Services Pvt Ltd. So, if you are planning to fly abroad for higher studies, there is only one place I will recommend and that is, Confluence.

    Thank you so much Confluence for being the reason behind my success,
    Madhushan M

  125. Ashwin Gangadhar says:

    ConfluenceEdu’s counselors are dedicated and hard working with the motto of student satisfaction. My dreams came true after i attended their counseling in Jaya nagar Office. They helped me from clearing IELTS with a 7.0 band till preparing the documents for my VISA process. I’m very grateful to them for making my dreams a reality. Thank you team Confluence and all the best for your endeavors ahead.

  126. k.prudhvi says:

    Well,the confluence team helped me a lot in providing the information required for the entire canadian process. They have been patient and supportive throughout, answering to all the questions i have asked at any time apart from their working hours. Moreover, the application processing was very fast.On the whole i would like to recommend Confluence consultancy to each and everyone looking forward for higher studies in abroad.

  127. ashok bikku says:

    “Thank you so much Confluence. I am happy to have GOT MY CANADIAN STUDENT VISA . I convey my hearty wishes for the entire team, for helping me out and for all your services. All the members involved with my visa process were polite and supportive,provided great service promptly. I would recommend Confluence to all my friends looking out for abroad education or other visa services.”

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