Is Study Abroad a worthwhile Career Option?

Is Study Abroad a worthwhile Career Option?

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To all study abroad aspirants

Is Study Abroad a worthwhile Career Option?

Study Abroad Free or Paid is Investment of Time and Money. It is not wise to invest without thinking about return on investment cash or kind.

This Blog presents information to consider before taking your decision. 

So many students around the world are filling the universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. 

You are thinking studying abroad as a great career option, and also you are hesitating that there is immense competition and studying abroad is not worth it.

There is plenty of study abroad opportunities available with incredible scholarships. 

You need to have an attitude to achieve your career goals.

There are abundant opportunities available always, but you have to take action now and become successful personally and professionally.

Yes, studying abroad is absolutely worth investing. Great career opportunities, global networking, multicultural environment, socializing better.

Even if you could find a great program in India, we would recommend you to study abroad in order to become a worldlier and explore the world. 

You get great opportunities only when you get out of your comfort zone and explore new things.

Is this the right time to study abroad?

Yes, universities around the globe are switching to virtual education and you should take advantage of it. 

Do you need help to get started?  

We are happy to help you. We are acquainted with top universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Talk to our expert counselors and let’s be your guides to show your study abroad career path.

Yes, it is worth studying abroad if your circumstances and pocket permits.

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1. Learning from Industry Experts 

There are universities in India but why students are attracted to abroad education. One of the main reasons is learning from industry professionals. You learn from the best in order to be the best.

Top global companies hire students who graduated from top universities all over the world. That’s because recruiters believe that the standard of education is extremely important.

The standard of educational excellence offered by abroad universities will make the learning process easier. Also, your value increases in the job market and getting your dream job won’t be impossible.

2. Honing your communication skills

In foreign countries, the teaching style is more interactive, and you need to be an active participant in each and every event. The traditional Indian teaching style is theoretical, and you may not get the opportunity to express yourself.

You have to get out of your comfort zone to socialize with students from various countries, cultures and traditions. The best part is you get to know yourself better.

Once you start expressing your thoughts and ideas, you will be more confident to tackle tough situations that you may face in a foreign country.  

3. Earning while studying

Earning while studying is a thing that everybody wants to do. Given the part-time job opportunities available in foreign countries, you can earn a good sum that will help you cover the cost of living.

In what way earning while studying part-time is going to help your career? 

In a day, you will meet  people and interact with a few of them. that is your network. When you are searching for a job after graduation, your network will play a vital role. 

4. Self-reliant and independent

You are on your own. That’s scary but it’s fun and adventurous. People think studying abroad is a lonely journey where nobody is there to help you. That’s not true. You won’t be dependent on your mom to cook food, dad to buy things, friends to help you.

Of course, there will be problems. But you will figure out a solution on your own. Once you keep doing it consistently, you will love being independent. 



Barring the fortunate few who are able to secure some form of funding assistance, scholarship, fellowship, graduate assistant ship, the rest have to shoulder the cost associated with their decision to study abroad..

Tuition itself can touch $50k-$70k, depending on the degree and institute. Professional courses come with a higher price tag while undergraduate degree seekers have to count the duration (usually 3-4 years) they would be bearing the cost.

Apart from the tuition, the living costs are an extra financial headache. Rent, food, travel, and other ancillary expenses can be a pretty high. Top these with the immigration restrictions on where and when students can work under a student visa.

Cultural shock

The unfamiliarity of a different society can be a rude shock. Especially if you are unable to adjust to it. Many students struggle to get into terms with customs that maybe considered uncivil in their own culture.

The lack of suitable adaptability can create a bad case of homesickness and make life quite lonely in a foreign land.

Absence of a domestic network

The time spent overseas, building a global network of friends and colleagues, is time spent in losing out on a professional, and personal, network back home.

Employment or other opportunities back home

Most domestic employers are either not invited or have no means to attend placement events held at foreign universities. This keeps perfectly worthy graduating students outside the reach of a whole selection of employers who, unfortunately, are not aware of this talent pool.

Firms hesitate hiring foreign graduates on grounds of lack of awareness of their capabilities as measured against their home-grown peers. Recruiters are also wary of the higher attrition rates of these graduates.

There is the issue of validity of foreign degrees under an existing domestic education system. For instance, the Indian university system, under the University Grants Commission (UGC) prescribes the particulars of a Master’s degree, stipulated duration of at least two years from an accredited university, to get Indian equivalence.

Unless of course you manage to secure an admin to one of those impressively popular schools whose degrees are considered not just valuable b

So your Decision?

If you don’t evaluate your options, studying abroad can become a waste of money.

A blank approach can be counterproductive, getting a foreign degree just for the sake of experiencing life overseas, without the benefits of having invested the time and money in becoming an international graduate.

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