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school counseling - 7 Benefits of Confluence Counseling Programs at Schools

7 Benefits of Confluence's Counseling Programme at Schools

Schools are the most important segment in the education sector and it is where the young minds of the country are housed. Thus, it is as this juncture that these students must receive maximum exposure and diverse opportunities using which they can excel. Often times, schools may not be able to serve each and every student in the way the students wants it to and schools look to solve this problem. We at Confluence, pose a solution for schools who are looking to help students have an all round enrich-ing experience through their school education and help shape them into better citizens.

What does Confluence bring to the table?

While one of the biggest activities that may seem to be happening in school is the teaching and learn-ing of syllabi, for students it is the most formative years and their energies need to be channelised in the right manner. Thus, Confluence can help in this regard to identify talents and hobbies, diverse in-terests among students and educate them about career planning and college planning based on the in-dividual student’s needs, from 8th grade all the way to 12th grade students. This helps the school cater to each student individually and avoids a one size fits all approach which is currently one of the cen-tral problems with the Indian system. Parents can also be made aware of the various opportunities that their wards can have access to at each level and our counsellors can help mediate between teachers, students and parents.

What are the benefits of this program?

  1.  Individualistic attention to students in schools
  2.  Help the students diverse transferable skill sets that go beyond college and employability
  3.  Students become more independent and aware
  4.  Bring in more visibility, enrolment, engagement and an over all vibrance to the school
  5. Better rapport between parents, teachers and students
  6.  Helps each partner school provide a much needed counsellor to students
  7.  Help the school provide a global education

Where can we find more information about this program?

We have a separate questionnaire for interested schools which has been made from a school’s per-spective. Through this questionnaire we hope to analyse and understand the specific needs of the school and help come up with a solution through this program. We are open for collaboration and are looking forward to this new interaction.

Thus, Confluence aims to collaborate with the most integral sector in education and help the student community be citizens of tomorrow.

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