A Guide to Writing the SOP By Nidhi

A Guide to Writing the SOP

For UK applications, the personal statement is one of the most important pieces of writing that will benefit you. This is why it is a task that you must spend a lot of time on, and make multiple revisions on until it is perfect. The personal statement may be the document that makes or breaks your university decision, and colleges will assess your personality and interest in your chosen degree from it. Here are some tips when writing it:

Write a clear introduction

The introduction is the most important part of the personal statement, as it allows university admissions offices to assess your personality from the very beginning. It’s important to write with good grammar, and make sure that your personality is reflected within it. You may achieve this by using adjectives to describe yourself or writing about what interested you in the degree.

Talk about your skills and your interests

Talking about your skills and your interests will allow your university admissions officer to gain a deeper understanding about what first interested you in your subject. This could be an experience, a workshop you attended, or a club that you were part of that first major made you interested in your chosen degree.

Talk about any research projects

If you have chosen any research activities to engage in in your free time, the personal statement is a great place to mention it. Mentioning any kind of studies you have conducted makes you an outstanding applicant, and will really make your application shine.

Write a compelling conclusion.

Your conclusion should make the reader want to instantly take you into their university. Make sure that you summarize all of the points that you have made in your personal statement, and always make sure to write that you look forward to attending their University.

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