A Successful student Guidance – Applying to UK Universities – By Nidhi

A Successful student Guidance –  Applying to UK Universities – By Nidhi

Deciding on the right degree for you

Choosing the right course can be a stressful process. It is important, especially for first time applicants, to assist the guidance of a college counselor. College counselors have years of experience which will be essential for you to apply to the universities of your choice. Scrolling through courses on the UCAS website, seeking advice from your counselor and conducting work experience can help you choose the right course for you.

Writing the personal statement

The personal statement is a 4000-character essay that is submitted to 5 UK universities. It should generally consist of 80% academics and 20% extracurricular activities. Here is a brief summary of what it should include:

  • Who you are
  • Your academic interests
  • Work experience you have conducted outside of school
  • Hobbies outside of studies
  • Any research you have conducted
  • Skills you possess

Apply on UCAS

If you are applying to an undergraduate course, the deadlines, as of 2021, are October 15th for medical and dentisty applications and January 15th for all other courses. Take the guidance of your college counselor for this process. 

Accept your offer

After hearing back from all of your offers, you will be able to accept 2 – one will be your insurance offer (back up choice), and the other will be your firm offer (first choice). Universities will contact you by email to tell you your admissions decision, however it is also updated on the UCAS – Track website. Conditional offers require you to attain a certain academic requirement, whereas unconditional offers do not. 

Apply for a visa

Applying for a visa can be challenging, thus, taking the help of a college counselor’s guidance will greatly benefit you.

Plan your stay

Now that everything is set, you will be able to book flight tickets, accommodation and start packing to study abroad! Good luck!

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