Admission Counselling

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Choosing the right country as well as the right university for studying abroad is a task that has to be done right. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses offered around the world, making the right choice can be difficult. This choice, however, will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and ensuring that you choose wisely is of paramount importance. And we at ConfluenceEdu are here to make sure that you do that correctly and help with your entire admission process.

We, at ConfluencEdu, help you shortlist universities that match your requirements and are suited to your profile. Applying to universities abroad is an elaborate process with several steps. However, once you’ve enrolled with us, we ensure that the admissions process becomes as painless and hassle-free as possible. Our comprehensive database ensures scientific school selection that is customized to your needs. Your profile, scores, projects and all other defining factors will be taken into consideration. From choosing suitable universities to taking care of your entire application process and then following up with universities – we remain with you, all the way until you secure admission. Over the course of time since our inception, ConfluenceEdu has a vast portfolio of partners that provide you opportunities for global education. Our relationships span the globe and our team of academic counselors’ help hundreds of aspiring students like you, choose their career and education path. As an icing on the cake, we offer you useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help you get admission with ease.

Right from guiding you through the exams to help you shortlisting universities, preparing your LORs’ and making your SOP ( Statement of purpose), to help you getting the financial loans and providing the best guidance and service for applying for Visa, we keep no stone unturned to make sure you reach your target university.