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germany admission requirement - Admission process for Germany

Admission process for Germany

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Admission process for Germany | The 6 Steps

So you have decided to learn with the education system in Germany, but first you got to know about the admission process for Germany and the Germany Visa requirements. To ease that process we at confluence give you the 6 steps to Germany


Step 1: Knowing your Program

The admission process for Germany begins with selecting the program of your choice, which involves many criteria. Language and academic requirements are the basics but we at Confluence advice you regarding other requirements and more importantly lifestyle of the city and the education system in Germany. It’s important to know all this since you would be expected to be in sync with the German way of Life and the city you plan to call home for the next couple of years should be familiar to you as much as possible beforehand.

Step 2: Examinations

Typically an IELTS or TOEFL score is necessary for your application to English teaching programs, but examinations like GRE and GMAT ensure higher selection chances. A couple of months are necessary to prepare and give these exams. Also, a good score in them would go a long way since they are valid for a couple of years and would influence the opportunities you get once you land.

Step 3: Getting Admission

The admission process for Germany requires that you file your applications before the deadlines. We would help you in this process by keeping tabs and ushering you to file before the end of application deadlines with the required documents and formats. Non-European Union students have early deadlines and additional document requirements. The earlier the application is filed the more chances of selection are. Once you receive the offer letter we will guide you regarding the further procedure.

Step 4: Finalizing Documents

Once the offer letter is with you we would advise you regarding the financial aspects and how to allocate the funds. This is necessary since it will ultimately allow us to finalize the admission offer from the university. Apart from that simultaneously we would prepare for the German Visa from India as it takes time.

Step 5: Visa Documentation

The Germany visa requirements are pretty normal but getting a Visa interview is tough considering the number of applicants during the peak season. Student visa requirements make students nervous regarding the kind of questions that will be asked during the interview. We at Confluence would train you for the interview and simultaneously help you with all the other Germany visa requirements. Apart from that Bank formality like a frozen account in Deutsche Bank would also be taken care of. All this would ultimately get you the admission letter you desire.

Step 6: Prepare for your life in Germany

After going through all that, we would help you start your Life at Germany. We would love to talk to you regarding your interests and help you in understanding the kind of opportunities Germany holds for you based not just on your academic and professional life but your extracurricular hobbies as well. We understand it’s tough and important for you to start a life on your own in a foreign country and we assure that we will provide the right care and support you would require for it.

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