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admission process usa - Admission process for USA

Admission process for USA

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Admission process for USA  (6 Steps)

The ideal time for preparation of admission process for USA would be a year. But this whole period can be covered in a shorter time so we have divided the whole process for your convenience into 6 steps.

1) When to start the admission process towards USA

You would need to apply for a passport at least 1 year in advance. Side by side you must make yourself aware about the education systems in USA and which university and USA visa requirements apply to you.

2) What to do before applying

It would be beneficial if prior to start the application process you give your TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT exams. It can take a few months to prepare and give them so be prepared. It is necessary to only give those exams which are suggested or are required a good study of the education systems in USA would give you the required direction in that area.

3) What all would you do during the process

Write all letters of motivations, Statement of purposes or get them written by your professors. Similarly, structure your resume and get other documents ready. Get a set attested beforehand. Now according to earliest deadlines start sending and applying at universities.

4) What to do after applying

Wait for university response and when you get an offer letter start the secondary process and prepare for the Visa interview. USA visa requirements are different from other countries and require special attention. At Confluence, we will be with you through all the steps.

5) What to do after the VISA interview

Once you receive your VISA it is important to identify and declare your financial sources. Book your bank account for declaring the 1-year amount required for living in USA and the fees. This is the critical part of the admission process for USA since here you can use all your scholarships or waiver opportunities.

6) When to fly

You get your final offer letter and you get counseled by us regarding what to expect in the new country. We will also help you in getting your accommodation and inform you about prospective campus jobs availability.

We hope your questions are answered in this small guide. The admission process for the USA is interwoven with the education system in the USA. Due to a large number of Indian students that apply each year to US universities, the USA visa requirements are extremely important to know. We at Confluence give personalized attention to each case guiding you on the basis of our vast database of programs and questions. We would be with you through the whole admission process for the USA

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