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Aerospace education from International Universities

Aerospace is that area of work related to any scientific or engineering effort towards flying in the Earth’s atmosphere or outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, in space. They are respectively called Aeronautics and Astronautics. This is an extremely interesting area and is actively research intensive/driven. A lot of students passionate about applying engineering feats in fields like astronomy will also find this area interesting. It can also be very rewarding, monetarily and otherwise for successful members of the field.

What do we learn in an Aerospace education?

Students who intend to study aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering need to take physics, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus at the high school level. At the bachelor’s level students will learn principles of flight and propulsion and will actively be involved in lab sessions. They will also be taught to identify and choose design elements that meet any relevant requirements for a project. Aerodynamics of plane bodies, electrical systems in cockpits, aircraft sensors and electronic components, wing structure and flaps and power generation for aircrafts are also common components. A research driven internship is also a common find in these courses.

What are the levels in which an Aerospace education is available?

Aerospace education is provided at all levels of higher education.They can follow the traditional levels of bachelor’s and graduate programs. There is an increasing component of research as the student moves from bachelor’s to graduate degree programs.

What are the opportunities available in this sector today?

Most students find jobs in the aerospace products and parts manufacturing industry. Some students also end up working in aircraft manufacturing. This is normally where the brightest students go in the aerospace industry. Job opportunities for aerospace engineers decrease slower than those for other professions. As of May 2015, median salaries ranged around $107380 a year.

Where can I find more information about such programs and their application procedures?

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in aerospace/aeronautical education and you can contact us for more information.

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