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bachelors programs in france - Bachelors Program in France

Bachelors Program in France

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The French higher education system comprises of three cycles and the Bachelors Degree is placed under the first stage of higher study programs in France. For example, Indian students who have completed their education equivalent to the higher secondary are eligible for this program.Bachelors program in France is a prominent part of its higher education system, which is equal to the French “Licence” and from 2004, after the foundation of Bologna process, the program now, extends for three years before opting for a Master’s or PhD program. There are several courses available to pursue a Bachelors program in France in any Undergraduate degree, few being, medicine, geography, art History, Science, Pharmacology and Sociology.

The amount of fees is completely dependent upon the kind of university he chooses and the type of course in the university and if one pursues higher study programs in France,in a public university the burden reduces to a great level as the government bears a major part of the expenditure, about €10,000 per student per year. With the cost being as low as €183 for Bachelor programs, €254 for Master’s programs and €388 for Doctoral programs, it draws attention of thousands of students in India to study in France and achieve valuable and prestigious degrees. In case of private universities the range of Bachelors program in France a bit higher but still affordable in cases where scholarships are awarded to the student.

Higher study programs in France

Being a top location, the students from all over pursue Bachelors program in France and it constitutes major professional and academic fields like Art History, Comparative Literature, European and Mediterranean Cultures, Film Studies, French Studies, Global Communications History, Information and Communication Technologies, International Business Administration, International Economics, Literary Studies, Creative Arts, Global Communications, History, Information and Communication Technologies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Renaissance Studies, Theater and Performance, Urban Studies, Visual Culture and many more providing opportunities for innumerable students in India to travel France. Aside from excellence in the higher study programs in France that universities strive for, France has much to offer students outside of the classroom such as beautiful natural landscapes, exciting cities, art, culture, music, theater, nightlife, and cuisine.

It’s very much necessary for an Indian student to have a high school diploma or equivalent for his selection and admission into the higher study programs in France. An Indian student should have passed the university entrance exam, they need to gather official transcript from all institutions they attended secondary school, including diplomas and degrees that were received, they must submit their IELTS/ TOEFL scores, they must have their passport readily available and there are a mindful of things required to satisfy the rules and procedures for the admission into a Bachelors program in France and we are masters in assisting students with the rules, procedures, and exams required to crack the admission into the University. So the nucleus of the entire discussion lies in your decision of selecting a college you want to get admitted into and suitably selecting a course and then coming to Confluence. We make sure to make your dream, of pursuing a Bachelors program in France, comes true soon and easier so, stay adhered to your belief in us, France is not too far.

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