Become Changemaker

Changemakers within us, very few take up, a voice against the rules, fight against for the betterment of people, community, society, and nation. 


There is always a unique impact that is created by those who have radical ideas and by those who wish to actually work on them and execute them. Today, we have a plethora of problems, all of which need creative solutions and radical thinking. Problem solving is an important skill set to have in any industry and for people starting out, it is very difficult to where they will be able to do that.

At Confluence we are looking for creative individuals who have unconventional solutions. Titles and designations are a thing of the past. Today, what matters in any company is how to get the job done, and this cannot be stressed enough. Changemakers are the need of the hour. Thus, these are the people that can identify a problem, come up with a solution, execute the solution and ensure that the problem is eliminated. But most importantly, they learn from each problem to see that it doesn’t come again, and that they are better for the next problem.

As a changemaker, you are therefore inventing for the betterment of other people. In this process, self-improvement is guaranteed by the product. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity that we are happy to extend, to anyone who is interested to work with us. We promise meaningful fulfilling work, a platform to bring about real grassroot level change, and most importantly, immense satisfaction. Come, be a changemaker.