Become Farmer

What we are eating today means a few months ago farmer cultivated food, take some time and see from where this food is coming from, spend time, do the jobs of a farmer, touch the soil, taste the humus. Every farmer needs support, the student community can contribute a lot, this area unexplored for students, farming is more than adventure, greater kick than anything, the real adrenaline rush you experience if you are the “farmer one day”.


A majority of our workforce is based on agriculture or some profession centred around the agriculture industry. Though we have seen massive development in many other sectors such as IT and the like, we are certainly an agrarian economy and our agricultural sector can always use brighter, smarter people in its arsenal. Today is no different.

Currently, we need a lot more people interested in agriculture and farming to go back to our roots and help those working for all of us. Agriculture is that profession that impacts every single human being without a doubt. It is now the need of the hour, to help those people who help us. We at Confluence would like to be able to bridge the gap, between those who need help and those who wish to help.

In India, there are over 77000 NGOs in total, and a considerable fraction of this number, work in the agricultural sector. One quick and tangible way of effecting change in this sector, therefore, is to work with such organisations in order to better understand the problems present and solve those which are closest to an individual’s skill set. This is definitely something that we can help you with.


Today, technology is shaping our lives like never before and gaining an agricultural education is possible online, or on the job. What matters is for those with the skills, drive and passion to work with those with the needs. Together, we can redesign the way our farms and our agricultural systems work and help build a better network for farmers and consumers. This is an opportunity to help bring about change in an important sector and what better way to do that, than to become a part of those working in the field.