Become Global Citizen

When you do your education abroad you can start solving local & global challenges with your education, skills and expertise.


Globalisation has changed all our lives like never before. Especially with the advent of the internet, it is incredibly easy for people to gain knowledge about issues of local and global importance in a very short span of time. However, knowing about global issues and being able to experience other cultures and understanding global issues are two separate things. Studying abroad can be a great opportunity to understand other cultures better, while also academically and professionally gaining from a very vibrant educational environment. At Confluence we help students achieve their educational goals in the near future by helping them on their journey through higher education.

As an educational consultancy that has sent many students to their dream universities, we have played a role in helping the leaders and change makers of tomorrow, change their lives. Going abroad to study can be a daunting task, regardless of the level at which one decides to do it. However, with our experienced team of counsellors and our alumni who have gone on to create great careers paths, we can help you find the perfect undergraduate/graduate program and then coach you in the best possible way to get there. Going abroad to study isn’t just about finding a university that fits your goals perfectly or helps you study what you want. It’s also about using each student’s unique skill set to solve a particular problem. Indian students can now gain education from world class universities and also use that to solve global problems, using local values. Help us, help you, to change the world. 

At Confluence, we pride ourselves in helping you become a better citizen through education. A global citizen.