Become Intern

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Internships are a great learning experience for students and are a unique experience that most students do not fully benefit from or explore. Typically, internships are either done mandatorily or are done for the sake of completing a degree. Neither of those are helpful mechanisms of interning in a company.

It is also important to know what kind of an environment one is most likely to bloom in, while interning. Often, internships are the stepping-stone to the corporate world for students and therefore, a work environment that is solution oriented, service oriented and can simultaneously help students learn on the job, is a great fit. Confluence strives to provide such an environment for its interns. Interning in the different departments available at Confluence not only gives interns an operational understanding of the application of the concepts they have learnt, it also gives them a real-world assessment of their skills and the opportunity to think on their feet.

This is also a great way to get a flavour of working in education and to see whether this is a fit for you. Contributing your time and energy is a great way to explore the scope of a job and your interests in that job. Thus, interning can be a great way to do that. Additionally, interns are also paid, and this is an added incentive, although at this stage, the learning pays far more dividends than the stipend does.

Come, be a part of Confluence Education and watch your life change, as you strive to change others’ lives.