Become Urban Farmer

Villages became cities and megacities, acres to sq foot so we ended up living in small space so we have less oxygen, for the food we depend on the market, you can change this equation by getting into the role of the urban farmer for your health and your family health point of view.


Once upon a time, we all lived in such a way that we ate what we saw or what we grew. Our profession directly gave us our food. There was no preservation and there was no waste. As civilisation grew, people got busier and some people were left in charge of growing the food required for all people and thus, agriculture was invented. However, the tides are turning, and there is a change in how people view the source of their food.

While it may be difficult to imagine a farm in the middle of a city, one can achieve a similar result on a smaller scale, by being realistic and practical. A kitchen garden can be your first step towards homesteading – being an urban farmer. As “Do it Yourself” becomes increasingly popular, imagine growing your own vegetables and fruits. This then becomes the beginning of a much longer and deeper journey in trying to become self-sufficient which means understanding your needs, and then understanding how to provide for them. If for nothing else, the feeling it brings to see your vegetables being grown in your balcony and then finding them ready to be cooked is reason enough to try this out. Of course, the fact that it’s also a fulfilling and calming exercise, aside from being quite healthy is an added incentive.

For those interested, we at Confluence can provide a great starter guide to urban farming. Come join us, in your journey to change your life, and you can then become the guiding post for others who wish to take part in urban farming.