Contribute your time, knowledge and expertise to gain valuable insights and be a part of a team that finds solutions to the unique challenges in the education sector.

At Confluence, we welcome volunteers because we are aware that volunteering with us doesn’t just help us but can definitely also help you. As someone working in education, you will gain valuable experience as an educational consultancy offers a unique perspective of the education sector. Students from all backgrounds, boards and contexts will be present and will work with you and as a consequence, our volunteers will get a diverse exposure.

It is one thing to receive funding as a means of support, but it is another thing to find committed people looking to join us in our journey to help students. We are looking for people willing to do the latter, and we can guarantee that both of us will benefit from it.

Additionally, if this is something you’re looking to do in the long term, contributing your time and energy is a great way to explore the scope of a job and your interests in that job. Thus, volunteering can be a great way to do that as well. Learn more about this program by filling up the questionnaire below and we will get in touch with you at the earliest..

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