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BS Architecture in USA

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BS Architecture in USA

If you are looking for BS architecture then USA can be the best option. Consultants for MS in US guide students in choosing the correct university that suits their profile. They also help students with the US admission process for MS. This course exposes students to the socio-cultural, environmental, formal, and historical factors that shape the built environment. Students develop visual literacy by thinking through the design process in studios and workshops, by researching historical precedents, and by analyzing theoretical texts and the physical environment.

About the course

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture course offers liberal arts and technology program for students with a special interest in architectural studies, and successful completion provides the basis for direct entry into to the Master of Architecture program.

In the three years of the degree, students will study design, history, theory, technology, and representation, and work towards an analytical approach to the dialogue between architecture, site, program, and landscape. Material and tectonics are investigated; form and space are explored within a diversity of cultural and environmental settings. The program promotes critical approaches to architecture and the city.

Be a part of one of the best university in US-NYIT

Studying architecture or interior design at NYIT is a kinetic, collaborative, entrepreneurial experience.  You’ll explore the art of the past while mastering new technologies that are pushing the boundaries of our field. We’ll help you find the confidence to turn your vision into practice and the connections to turn your practice into lifelong professional growth.At NYIT, you will learn by doing, solving progressively more complex design challenges—in the studio, in the field, in professional settings, and in international competitions. We are deeply committed to sustainable design practices—it runs through all our curricula—and our graduate program in urban and regional design is at the forefront of innovative research in climate and environmental issues.

Students who study at NYIT are involved in ground-breaking research in medicine, sustainability, cybersecurity, and more. They also participate in internships, study abroad programs, global conferences, and “field trips” to leading international companies. NYIT’s faculty members are passionate teacher-scholars. They encourage students to participate in their education and in real-world research and global opportunities and they connect students with employers and mentors. NYIT gives students the chance to explore a future career through internships and externships, community service, and events, where they meet professionals eager to assist them.

After completion of your course, you can be one of them

  • Architecture designer
  • Architectural journalist/critic
  • Architectural historian
  • Draftsperson
  • Carpenter
  • Surveyor
  • Urban planner
  • Art director
  • Real estate broker
  • Building inspector
  • Set designer

US Admission Process for MS

Confluence Educational Services (CES)  give you the full assistance to understand the  US Admission Process for MS.

Confluence: Consultants for MS in US – provides the best assistance

Confluence is one of the leading Consultants for  MS in US which helps students choose the best university and help them pursue their dream career. They also help students with the US Admission  Process for MS and provide them with required assistance. The United States is home to several thousand colleges and universities, boasting at least ten times as many campuses as in any other country. As a result, the higher education system in the U.S. has something for everyone. This means that no matter what you plan on studying, you will have a wide variety of programs in your particular field from which to choose. Opt for BS Architecture in USA and study in one of the best universities.

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