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Here is a brief for students aiming to pursue their career in business analytics abroad, This is something that is most often used by everyone be it a new startup or a big organisation. The demand of this field has created a lot of career opportunities, but before you need to have a masters qualification to get there. For that reason, our platform will guide and help you access some of the well renowned and best abroad universities facilitating the MS in Business Analytics.

Business analytics as a field of study.

Business analytics is the merging of the fields of management, business and computer science. The business characteristic involves both a high-level understanding of the business as well as the practical limits that exist. Also, the analytical part comprises an understanding of data, statistics and computer science. 

Firstly, It uses big data, statistical analysis, and data visualization to apply organizational transformations. Simultaneously, predictive analytics is an important characteristic of this work as it grips available data to create statistical models. As a result, these models can be used to forecast results and improve decision making. 

Current trends and developments.

Let’s Discuss Top Trends in this field.

Firstly, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Using AI in business analytics helps businesses get a clear vision of their next move towards profit.

Secondly, Data Visualization, This aspect has grown into a state-of-the-art clarification to present and co-operate with several graphics on a single screen, whether it’s focused on developing sales charts, or inclusive communicating reports.

Thirdly, SaaS the future rests in the likelihood to execute own analysis, with tools that are available no matter the location and can adapt to the current and future working environments.

Lastly, Data Automation, the process of entering data via programs excluding the manual data entry task, helps the business analyse a huge amount of data in very little time.

Employment opportunities & Career growth in.

Career Paths You Can Pursue after a Master’s in Business Analytics degree

  • Data architect – Average salary: US$116,710
  • Statistician – Average salary: US$73,054
  • Data analyst – Average salary: US$60,208
  • Market research analyst – Average salary: US$63,120
  • Chief technology officer (CTO) – Average salary: US$159,149
  • Chief data officer (CDO) – Average salary: US$180,458
  • Application architect – Average salary: US$112,871
  • Project manager – Average salary: US$73,901
  • Data scientist – Average salary: US$88,779
  • Business/analytics translator – Average salary: US$53,552

Data Vs Information

Data can be any character, number, images anything that is in the raw format without any context.Information is a representation of data in a relevant and context and organised format for a useful purpose.
This alone is not significantInformation on the other hand is always important by itself.
Data is basically based on records and observations, etc.Information is based on the analysis of data.
Data is not organised and does not depend on information.Information is organised and always depends on raw data.

MS in Business Analytics-California State University, East Bay.

MS in Big Data Analytics and Information Technology -University of Central Missouri.

MBA in Business Intelligence/Analytics-Nova South-eastern University, Florida.

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