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Campus Ambassador - Advantages with Confluence

“Development is about transforming the lives of the people, not just transforming economies.”

From 2005, we have been serving the people who have aspirations of going abroad for their higher education. After being in the abroad education sector for almost 11 years and understanding the intricacies of this very field, we as a company have decided to change our vision and mission to cater to more students of India and help them take informed decision about their career.

Given the potential of the students, and our vast education system, we are now embarking on a journey to assist and guide not only the overseas education aspirants, but also the students and aspirants who look forward to pursue their next level of education in India. We will be there to show them the holistic view of the possible education alternatives available in India and abroad, so that they are in a better position to choose their career.

Today in the times of globalization, there is a huge scope and opportunity to explore the non-orthodox fields of study-fields which are less known to people or are apprehensive to pursue. Fields such as Design, Architecture, Photography to name a few are still unexplored by our student

Keeping the same philosophies in mind, we are on the verge of starting a new initiative of Campus Ambassadors, who will be in charge of an educational institution, enlightening the students and their parents about the opportunities available to them and ultimately helping them to take up a career of their choice and interest.

Who can apply?

  1.  Students in currently in the 9th Standard/11th Standard/3rd Year of Graduation
  2.  Students with Good Communication skills
  3.  Students with interest in becoming Global Indian.

What will Campus Ambassador do for Confluence?

  1. The Campus Ambassador will be responsible for representing Confluence Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.
  2.  He/She will be collecting Batch interest as per their inclination towards various Career Choices
  3.  Campus Ambassador will be responsible for coordinating with the Principal and Management for organising a Career Counselling Drive for Confluence Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.

Advantage of working with Confluence as a Campus Ambassador

  • Continuous learning about global education
  • Access to our knowledge portal
  • Hundreds of subjects come into handy
  • Exposure regarding preparation for test prep
  • Special perks and referrals through Confluence for Counselling and Applications

After getting so many requests from the diversified student community, we decided to share our knowledge sources to the eligible students.

Help Desk Counselor Center in Schools

With the intention to expand our reach Pan-India, Helpdesk is an initiative to provide easy accessibility to multiple educational institutions to raise awareness about the courses, Universities and opportunities.

Help Desk Counselor Center in Colleges

We hire, train and place the student in campus as a Campus Ambassador and frequently we train and update.

Likitha 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors

HR Intern

Likitha Meghana.B

Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from St. Martins Engineering College.

Vishal 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors


Campus Ambassador

Pursuing Bachelor of computer Science from CMR College, Hyderabad.

Nishna 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors

Kosuri nishna

Campus Ambassador

neeraja 1 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors


Campus Ambassador

faheem 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors


Campus Ambassador

WhatsApp Image 2017 12 26 at 4.28.06 PM 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors


Campus Ambassador

Pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Malla Reddy Engineering College.

Poornima 1 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors

Poornima Kannan

Campus Ambassador

Pursuing Bachelors of computer science from Malla Reddy Group of Institutions

WhatsApp Image 2017 12 26 at 5.42.28 PM 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors

Aishwarya Kanna

Campus Ambassador


Monika 500x500 - Campus Ambassadors

Campus ambassador 

Monika Sirisha