Career Counselling

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This is the first step for the student to take the right decision for the bright career. Counselling is the part where the student gets an exact idea towards his/her career. Counselling is not just giving or taking the information, it is making up the decision. Such kind of career counselling can only be given by the higher education consultant.

Counselling is made up of two parts. One includes the step by step procedure which aims at helping the students to take the right decision for their career and the second part includes mentoring them and their actions over the course of time to find what is best for them. It is a process which exposes the students to research oriented thinking capabilities and help him to pursue the career he/she is the most passionate about.

Generally, students will always get confused to which country he should go or which course he should opt for. Counselling would help that student, in a quite distinct and clear way to recognise his own interest and capabilities. In this case consultancy is best place to clear doubts, a student never knows which is the best place for his field, at this point consultancy can suggest him according to his interest towards the subject, after he decides the place to go, he should also know when would be his admissions begins (intakes) because every country will not go with same time for admissions.

We at ConfluenceEdu provide individual career counselling sessions for students who are interested in studying abroad, which can help them to identify and select the right course, country and institution. Our trained counsellors advise students on careers choices and study programmes across the world and try to match it with the students’ educational background, aptitude and aspirations. Detailed assistance on admission policies and application procedures can also be provided on an individualized basis for admission to institutes in several countries

Methodology of Counselling at Confluence

  1. A congenial Approach by interacting with all the stake of holders of school
  2. Asking them to be positive.
  3. Motivating them in every aspect.
  4. Academic guidance.
  5. Active participation parents meet
  6. Submission of detailed observation notes to institution
  7. Exploring avenues to improve intake of students
  8. Overall branding and adding value to the institution growth.

People who participate in career counselling can benefit from the use of aptitude tests or career testing. Career testing is often done online and provides insightful and relatively objective information about which jobs may be suitable for the test taker based on a combination of their interests, values and skills. Career tests usually provide a list of recommended jobs that match the test takers attributes with those of people with similar personalities who enjoy/are successful at their jobs. There are various ways to test an individual for which field he is suitable, psychometric testing (Career Counselling) being one among them.