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About Confluence

Confluence was started in 2005 as a study abroad education guidance centre. Founded by Mr.Yesu Deva Reddy Solipuram and Mr. Vijaya Sena Reddy Solipuram, since then mentored thousands of students from across India & Globe

Our Core Services

  • Admission & Visa Counseling Services for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, France & Italy.
  • Industry internships for UG students
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Workshops on happenings for students

Growth of Team Members

  • International Education Counselor will give you an exposure about understanding various challenges, how to handle and manage the workflow efficiently.
  • Next level of counseling is handling counselors, heading specific country, universities to drive the applications and creating position under Confluence portfolio.
  • If you have passion about training we will help you to become verbal or quants trainers for IELTS, GRE, GMAT & SAT

Growth of Confluence

We are working towards to become top 10 training and counseling companies in next 10 years in Indian & Global Market

Financial Benefits

  • Decent salary
  • Monthly Incentives
  • Office tours twice in a year, each tour 5 days


Value added Benefits

  • You are guiding students and will remember you forever
  • Lot of freedom to execute your own ideas in adding business
  • Going to see the world, speak and communicate with various students, universities across the globe.
  • Great place for learning about trend, career and solutions for student challenges  

Core functions of International Education Counselor

Test Prep Counseling

Motivating the students to take test prep classes along with their regular education. Making them aware of the course schedule and commencement of classes, to meet the respective university admission requirements.

Country wise Counseling

There are many countries to choose for higher education, as counselor needs to educate about each country in detail. As per the profile of the student need to guide the student that where he/she fit into.

Counseling on Immigration Policies

As a Counselor you need to update yourself with the countries policies, as and when the changes take place according to the immigration policies of the countries.

Scholarship Planning

Counselor need to advise the student regarding the scholarships basing on the percentages attained by the student. When to start applying for the scholarship procurement. When would the student eligible for scholarships etc. Every university and organization have different deadline for applying scholarship.

Co- Ordnation with Financial Institutions

Like college, every bank plays vital role in getting successful visa for every students, so we have to constantly in touch with respective banks & manager for smooth & quick educational loan processing.

Application Follow Up

When an application is sent to the university/ college, constantly we need to chase them for the offers to get in time. As we need to guide the student for the further process.

Visa Documentation Follow up

Once the offer is received, we need to constantly chase the student for arranging all the documents related to the visa like financials, medicals and visa appointment, make sure that all the documents are ready for visa interview.

Post Visa Briefing

Guide the student in particular areas such as Assistance in Purchase of flight ticket Currency of the respective country Medicals Shopping Travel cheques Accommodation & Airport pick -up

Subject wise Counseling

This is very interesting like Anthropology, Architecture to Zoology so as a counselor will keep learn new subject on daily basis to educate and give the in depth information about inter discipline subjects and many more

Location wise Counseling

Certain students will come up an idea of studying in one particular location of the country such as in USA, East Coast or West, in Germany Berlin or non – Berlin. We need to explain them the challenges they are going to face in detail.

Financial Planning

Guide the student for the financials basing on the country he opted for in detail. Like his Course fee, Cost of living and the travelling expenses. What all the expenses he would incur during his travel.

Co-Ordination with India Colleges / Schools

Building communication with the colleges is a continuous process; engagement with colleges through all the mediums is utmost important task. We work with various schools and colleges as a help desk counselors.

Co- Ordination with Abroad Universities

Every year our represented universities professors, international officers will keep visit our office, need to co-ordinate with them for stay, traveling and pooling of students for events, part of counseling session with officers, to continue the services for every student.

Fees Payment Follow Up

Once the offer is confirmed, we need to advise the student regarding the payment of the fees. Once the payment is finished we need to prepare them for the visa procurement

Mock Visa Interviews

We need to assess the student by taking the mock interviews, how to handle the interview, Make sure the student is very much flexible with the visa interview covering all the aspects and making them to cover their weak areas.

Requirements, Skills which are required to excel in International Education Counselor

  1. Creative writing from your heart
  2. Great Listening skills
  3. Confidence in dealing with people
  4. Ability to meet quarterly targets
  5. Excellent communication, relationship building skills and professional approach
  6. Out of box ideas on business development, expansion, customer services & revenue generating.
  7. Multilingual will be an added advantages
Women Confluence - Careers

Confluence invites women who want to Restart the career

as Student Counselor

We at Confluence are giving opportunities to women to start or restart their career without facing any sort of social or political stigma by offering them a chance to join as a counselor for students

Meet our Crew

natasha 500x500 - Careers

Junior counselor

Natasha Agarwal

Working as junior counselor for Australia admission process and visa guidance. I  enjoy working with confluence because of its friendly work culture.

venkatesh 500x500 - Careers


Venkatesh Kudumula

Working as Admin with confluence education service has been a remarkable experience for me.It has given me a platform where i can improve my skills and knowledge.

mithun 500x500 - Careers

Education Counselor

Mithun Shekhar

Expert in Fashion Design & Architecture courses.I  like working with confluence because of the friendly work culture.Here I keep on learning  new things everyday under the guidance of my managing director. In free time I love to play  Basketball.


Gopal 1 500x500 - Careers

Admin Assistant

Gopal Bantu

Hi I am Gopal. I  have started my career with Confluence education services  as an Admin assistant.Along with professional skills, i learn so many new things daily which will add to my  career and personal life . Working with confluence is a learning experience as well as fun.

gyd 1 500x500 - Careers


Gaddham Yadava Reddy

10 years of experience in Overseas Education Processing. I have been working in Confluence from past 10 years. I feel the work I do everyday makes a difference to the students life and hence our country. The job and the work are interesting, challenging and rewarding.

gopi 500x500 - Careers


Rebba Gopi

Expert in Fashion Design & Architecture courses.I enjoy working with confluence.We at confluence provide quality services to our students in overseas education from admission to visa processing.

rohith 500x500 - Careers

Education Counselor

Rohit Reddy Nandikonda

I deal in Ireland Admission Process and Visa. I choose working with confluence because of its service and cooperative staffs.

RASHMI 500x500 - Careers

HR Executive

Rashmi Singh

I am working as an HR executive cum counselor at Confluence. I enjoy working with Confluence because of the  work culture which encourages team work and learning. Also you get to make difference by helping students  make better choices. Additionally the tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals.

IMG 2242 2 500x500 - Careers

Education Counselor

Sandeep kallu Reddy

Deals with USA admission process and visa guidance.I have always been driven to create and innovate and never want to restrain myself to just academics. With the intention to contribute to the society i have joined with the Confluence education services, where my knowledge can be imparted to the students in drafting their futuristic aspiration.

IMG 20171206 104617422 1 500x500 - Careers

Education Counselor

Uday Bhaskar

Expert in Australia admission process and visa guidance.I have been working with confluence from past 2 years.It is pleasure to work for a company that is growing in right direction and takes care of their employees.


contact no:8886685578

charan 3 500x500 - Careers

Senior Counselor

Sai Charan Teja Vemulapalli

Deals in Germany and France Admission Processing and Visa Guidance.I am a  very ambitious and motivating person.Always spread positiveness in people around me.Confluence is the platform where i have got enlightened in my path to build the career of young mindsets.



sindhu 500x500 - Careers


Sindhu Korlapaati

Expert in overseas undergraduate admission process and visa guidance.Confluence is the platform where I got chance to gain knowledge and share my knowledge with others which helps in building my career and company success

vikas 500x500 - Careers

Dhareeba Vikas

Hi I am working as junior counselor at Confluence education pvt ltd. I feel I am making positive contribution to the life of aspiring students that makes a difference in the world.

Untitled 17 500x500 - Careers

Sales and Marketing Executive

Uday Lavanam Kumar

I am working as Sales and Marketing Executive at Confluence Education Pvt Ltd. I love my job because no day is ever same. Each day i am presented with new challenges and situations, which really helps me to stay focused and interested.

32 - Careers

Vijaya Sena Reddy Solipuram


Team member personal information