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Civil Engineering from International Universities

One of the signs of a developed country is how well it is able to manage it’s land and the buildings and the constructions they can come up with. Historically as well, some of the world’s greatest cities have had towering monumental constructions that we continue to look up to today. As the population increases and our demand for land increases it important that we have civil engineers who are able to effectively and sustainably make use of our land resources.

What do we learn in civil engineering?

Considered to be one of those evergreen engineering disciplines, civil engineering involves an education about designing, conceptualising, constructing and maintaining buildings/constructions. This could range from simple apartments to infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and subways. Students study subjects like civil engineering materials, hydraulics, soil management, construction practises and management, environmental and transportation engineering and engineering geology.

What are the levels at which a civil engineering degree is awarded?

Civil engineering programs are offered at all levels of higher education. Courses follow the traditional levels of bachelor’s and graduate programs. Many specialised courses have also come up thanks to newer methods and requirements on the field. Thus courses can be focussed structural, architectural or environmental engineering, to name a few.

What are the opportunities available for graduating students?

Students with a civil engineering degree who seek employment are eligible to work in a number of positions, including Building Control Surveyor, Consulting Civil Engineer, Contract Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Site Engineer, Structural Engineer and Water Engineer. Some students also opt to work as Building Services Engineer, Sustainability Consultant, Engineering Geologist, Environment Consultant or a Consultant Manager.

Where can I find more information about such programs and their application procedures?

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in civil engineering and you can contact us for more information.

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