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CMU – Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

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It’s all about #CARDIFFMET

Love Wales? Yes? No? Either might be your case here is an institution make it a really worth
place for you. Well, you must have heard about Cardiff Metropolitan University. Let’s know
something about it.

Insight of the University

This university traces its history back to 1865 when the School of Art first opened in the Old
Free Library in Cardiff. Since we formed into a college, we have remained established in
Wales while giving practice-centred and expertly arranged training for professional studies.
This brings to you the wings to fly high in the sky with the best exposure and the best training
ever possible. The college offers degree courses in an assortment of controls. The
examination is accessible at undergrad and postgraduate dimensions, full-time and low
maintenance and research openings are advertised. Cardiff Metropolitan University has
various research and venture focuses, including the Food Industry Centre.


This vision of this university is to encourage duty to instruction, research and development
attempted in an organization with our understudies, governments, business and industry and
with unmistakable advantages for people, society and the economy. It is focused on
guaranteeing that each understudy satisfies their capability to make remarkable alumni level
commitments to their very own and who and what is to come.


CMU – Cardiff Metropolitan University resides in a beautiful city of United Kingdom-Wales. Unlike other universities, Cardiff Metropolitan University has internationally strong standards in the field of sports which radiated the perspective of multi-sport provision. Ranging from arts and design to technology, Cardiff has it all to be o the top of the educational pedestal. It has been securing various Honors and Degrees for their research in multiple fields.

The gates to Cardiff are being opened…let’s walk into it.


The Cardiff University has held a strong reputation in applied research and active engagement in business and industry that enables it to offer first class courses and unique research opportunities. Having a wide matrix of undergraduate and postgraduate courses-Cardiff has five academic schools:

  • Cardiff School of Art & Design
  • Cardiff School of Education
  • Cardiff School of Health Science
  • Cardiff School of Management
  • Cardiff School of Sport

The most remarkable feature is part-time courses through Cardiff Met or Summer school.

This is not enough when it comes for the social well being and equality, Cardiff ensures that people of any age, background or ethnic group are given a fair and equal opportunity to study here in a supported manner through Widening Access Program-Adult Education. 


CMU does not have a Wales-based partner but also transnational partners- Australia, India, Thailand, Egypt, Bahrain, Singapore, Oman, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Greece, China, Morocco, and Sweden. With some of the partnered Universities in Arts and Design, Cardiff allows 3rd Year Direct Entry under some qualifications – feature that makes it stand out from the crowd.

There is a special partnership known as Knowledge transfer Partnership- a three-way partnership between an organization, a graduate and Cardiff University. It is partly funded by Government, the scheme provides access to academic skills and expertise to businesses who wish to innovate, expand or improve their performance.

Student Union

Though every student is the part of Student Union, there are many variegated societies that the students can be the part of, namely- Amnesty International, chess club, Asian Society, Biomed Society, Dance society, Dice & Dorks, Dot Dot Dot, Youth and Community Society and much more. Some other activities carried out at Cardiff include being Student Ambassadors, Student Workshop Deliverer, Student Mentor or Student Blogger/Social Media Ambassador. These opportunities help in developing transferable skills and make one more employable.  Cardiff Met sport is one of the sporty features that empower students to live a healthy and active lifestyle while being on campus.

Faculty at Cardiff Metropolitan University-

The academic staff works with partners from all sectors to keep at the forefront of innovation. The professional staff provides efficient and effective support to help innovation flourish. Each departmental school has its own set of placements which the staff helps the graduates to attain it effectively. Cardiff provides First Campus Student Mentoring Programme that places university students as mentors in Key Partnership First Schools across SE Wales. Mentors visit pupils in the selected schools working with them on a regular one-to-one basis, addressing their individual learning and aspiration needs.

Contact CMU:

Address: Llandaff Campus, 200 Western Ave, Cardiff CF5 2YB, UK
Phone: +44 (0)29 2041 6070

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardiff.metropolitan.university

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardiffmet

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=162100

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/cardiffmet

For more information, visit the institute’s website: http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/

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