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cost of living in australia - Cost of living in Australia

Cost of living in Australia

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Living in Australia is considered to be a boon by many as Australia is a friendly and affordable country which enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world.  But Australia lifestyle  may not be the best of experiences if you are not ready to work for your stay as an international student.

Cost of living in Australia

International students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week during each session; this will surely help the student meet the cost of living in Australia.But there is competition for everything today, even for part-time, so one must never let their guard down or the opportunity will be seized by someone else. However, one should not expect that money earned from a part-time job will cover the tuition fees or the expenses incurred by living in Australia. Apart from the general educational fee and residential charges, international students may require some extra money to enjoy the ever beckoning hotspots of Australia.


Living in Australia is to expose yourself to adventure, fun and open minded people who address you as a ‘mate’, if you are a stranger. That’s how friendly Australia is. So it obviously augers well for Indian students in Australia who look for friendly populace where they are. In fact, Australia is also a favourite destination to Indian students. The fact that here are thousands of Indian students in Australia further reinstates the statement. Melbourne is always referred to as the cultural and sport capital of Australia, a very remarkable reputation indeed. What’s more? It has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s top three most liveable cities, and the most liveable city in Australia. When it comes to life in Australia for Indian students in Australia, academics is only half the picture! There are plenty of other things that can be done and experienced in Australia which cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. The only factor for Indian students in Australia would be the cost of living in Australia. However, this should not deter you from achieving your dream to study in Australia. There are already a huge number of Indian Students in Australia and you could be a part of them if you begin now! The first step would be to hop in to your nearest Confluence office. We at Confluence are always ready to guide you at every turn every step of your journey. We will provide you with all the details regarding the cost of living in Australia. We will also guide you through every process. We at Confluence start the process with your consent, keep you updated with every step as it happens and will be by your side, assisting you until you are ready to open the door and pursue your dream to study in Australia. Remember, cost of living in Australia is an important factor, but life in Australia is even more important.

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